Facebook Busted Smearing Google

Beyond check fraud to you by carbonite online backup deadlines for the daily beast of drug a really incredible story about face book and their embarrassing smear campaign against the google alright date completely got caught what they did is they hired a at top of the line p_r_ firm and they have the p_r_ firms send out a pitched u_n_ online privacy advocate and he told the privacy advocates have first of all the subject of the email was google sleeping violations of user privacy okay so of course is Online privacy advocate was curious about it he read it and Of course at the p_r_i_ company is accusing gogo of collecting information uh.

Without people knowing about it and using that information to sell to third parties basically the same thing the face but that's by the way that southeast book makes its money might well that's what they want a program on the bus outside a one-third the blood of us now let me just tell you when the p_r_ for sent back page to this online privacy advocate they did not disclose who their client was and you know this guy was like okay well i need to know your client is not application and information with you yet and that privacy I think it was like okay that's fine and his government was your email so the rest of the world can see it drums drums so he did that and Uh.

You know people are able to investigate intrusive active face book and now face book is completely experts yeah their security that I know their rivals the center of but there's no need for that face book is already have multi multi multi billion dollar company we gotta go through and order group for right in the distance play you know the you know so child his face but is here and the reason my face with this scared is because who will is extremely powerful extremely successful and there now launching a social networking type of their own it's known as google social circle and uh.

Global allegedly took information from face book to create their social networking site mccain so much for sell much live comment but I think that well uh. You know face but doesn't like it like it they feel a little threatens you know a lot of become the next to my space so i think in a deal a little series mere a little smears nor do we take this willis mary smith taylor have corrected sibelius finish their the their and if it's catsup but but but but uh.

Is there a little jelly jelly boobs again stopped the car and that it cell by the way things but this completely denying that it was their campaign of course they're saying that you know everything that was about press release was accurate uh.

And that you know you know what the fed you know that campaign reminds me of republics you know with theory a projection which by the way so the grease or like whatever they can see of that's secular bear with me and consulate I think this is a face book does as I said before it like all they do you know it doesn't how did you guys ever know if you don't pay for face book okay so how did they make the money they make money because they sell your personal information to third parties the third parties are the advertisers so when you're on your face book page at the scene out on the site careful woman who likes to go shopping with you see in advertising upside your face book page for shoe company open you think that that's coincidence he's not going to be a good day with that so look I think most people know but maybe the dog ruled on over this whole business model baseball is that you know there are a lot you know there's a lot of different ways to make money online yet but facebook's uh.

Whole business is structured around let me figure out what you like and son advertisers are now doesn't pay any more money to direct and that towards you 'cause you're more likely to buy now they actually had they're barely getting started on all that I mean the data collecting develop already massively was serving as a actually think they've been incredibly slow but uh.

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