Catholic Teen Expelled For Topless Pic

So as sixty held by the name of alexis sent or art tax acts a picture of topless picture of herself to a male friend and then she goes our went to up all the sixth catholic high school in virginia and after she had sent him that topless photo he proceeded to send it to one of his other male friends silly notion you know they act you know two of that uh.

Classmates had seen the pictures she was ok with it but she thought that it was going to stop their of course would be stories it never stops there and at that picture of me delete dot spread to all of the students appa high school now this catholic high school cell at the administrators there wanted to take matters into their own hands into had you know put out some sort of punishment and that of course they don't punish the two boys that spread the picture around be punished alexis for sending them the picture in the first place of course out of the punisher they kicked out of the school by so looked at in the old days when we have cell phones on some stuff of this would happen for a week so severe note body would see susie's the brats and he'd telling us the u_n_ see what other assistant lynn as usual out when it's over now that's with pictures so your basis for the stopped at the gain either date a guy you sent to or the day send it to mister france that is inconceivable ancillary study a million times does set the naked picture don't do it don't do it in the everywhere and then once did eighty five kids my school have the picture one of them is a gotta put it online or one of them is a gonna send an email to somebody else gets some puts on line you're crazy it's gonna happen every time but in this now but we've done the story on june twenty eight times there is a part of this of course is catholic school was uh.

Gut instinct hammer the girl and I guess is spread around your freedom now the two boys are jason and peter and i look ross players so that talk about also has uh.

You know uh. Something to do with the fact that they didn't really get punished they're considered like star athletes within the school so they get to see the antitrust I guess whenever uh.

Ironies that any of these fights but it is what it is uh. And so she can stick out and like she's going to school desert people that she's known most of her life get it and she doesn't get to graduate with that and she's basically she's being slights and let's rights away to school bilateral I mean it's unconscionable to school that I mean I would prefer boy who I would like to watch that was a private actually letter drop pornography by the way you literally polish the wrong person she should get pushed at all bob except be perhaps scolded and said don't ever center they could picture of yourself and if you do when your suspension like crazy to see suspending her as well i can see the same punishment for the boys and that handle and here's why you should because of everything that's going on the responsibility right now is to make sure that she is cool and feels okay because promptly whatever whatever suspension they give ur whatever punishment they give ur she's got to just that you know the whole school see a picture of her nakedness billion well said of that the whole school within a picture of ur like that at worst then any of this stuff so another now your job here and here's an you care about her to make sure she's ok kicking her out literally casting your output unconscionable and wildly uncritically definitely detained suit that idea that if a woman our controlled does something that's not like socially acceptable then you should shame her and you should delete her right so it seems like carter here which is the worst shape yet basic decisions when christ would do and we can you imagine any time he's very protecting prostitutes crisis right and here they are with a perfectly fine girl who made a simple mistake and they're taxing around insists it looked like that but your point especially within the context of now with the kid in the girls committing suicide after pictures of them have gone around the cetera in and we just had the conversation about hey you know you should stepped up and protected them before they committed suicide is that the other is catholic minnesota and yes and then separates that uh.

The adults are the ones that are shaming her gak and then if she commits suicide everybody will be outraged again go all got it uh. Was there something that i've done here gap here are some really good about I can't believe that uh.

The readership at a catholic institution would punish the wrong people ninety yeah that's not happening for you guys do you do not get pretty message like I get worked up about things that we're not talking about that apart you've put your exactly done the wrong thing again and I would do without i'd polisher while believe excel anyone going out like brad vet knee-jerk reaction to things like they are still not good you should be punished in some way their children that their children and adults and again gets looks like it may have gotten stop before dot blot on the other hand you know but again how could how could you have the last ten years in the catholic church go on this year with moving abusive priests around ran around here's an opportunity to protect someone who was victimized did something very stupid but ultimately was victimized and throw her out its pretentious.

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