Is Halloween The Best Day Or Worst Day Of The Year?

Halloween is coming up and that means that a bunch of controversial costumes are popping up all over the place walmart amazon dot com a sears and rite aid actually polled what are the costumes that they had because it was already causing controversy it was no solid been live in costume that came with the turbine and a full beard now the sikh community was very upset and offended by it in fact they released a statement saying the following if you had a loved one during the 9/11 attacks or during our nation's war against al qaeda or if someone attacked your father in a hate crime because he wears a turban I doubt this costume would make you comfortable yet no not buying it interesting yet no a look a I the attacks against the sikhs are how reaches their outrageous in how immoral

they are and how irrational there are no stupid there right so i've of course I feel their pain we rant against that all the time early on turks but its bin laden it's not a seat uk an I don't think I don't see anything wrong with a bin laden outfit on halloween I know I know that we can make that distinction but obviously many people the country can't make that despite all the way here regularly based on like that jackass right wing neo-nazi guy was an issue people on a turbine and then you just you're not alone was so then under that logic should noon motion we also prevent people from wearing turbans because they might confuse them for a muslim or for

terrorist and so don't do that I think I i have some empathy for people who feel that those wearing this costume are being a little insensitive because I kind of like make slight love someone who did the most hideous thing to this country soon i'm so I know but dude like okay no it's halloween man n I know if you did today after would be super insensitive obviously right are both so anything goes on halloween you can be as insensitive were yeah I mean that's okay I mean look people dress up as the devil the devil is pretty bad guy okay xo we now have fun with them right we get sexy devil outfits so fun to right I mean the people dress up go people drove the dress up as nazis it oh bin laden whatever it's halloween just I think we're taking it way too seriously and to say like see community we feel

your pain hence we will allow you to dictate what halloween costumes are out there he is crazy talk i'm gonna go ahead and say what everyone is going to hate I despise following of heart ban you I the worst team day the year all I i denounce you I reject you there is I i okay I can send food hook bay there's always like some controversy not some sort calls to nobody gives a shit and then there's always like this pressure as a woman as a young woman to be skanky yes %uh your eyes lit I so it sucks because you as a way to help like you have to if you have to be scared because if you're not skanky than oversight in your the square okay I get there by the way your your weight you care too much what other people think like you know what he thinks like if you don't dress as a zero oh you they're doing this so you dress like you little skank the next time around they so obviously so what do you call for that dress anywhere you want like there's the pressure to figure out what you wanna benn got okay just okay okay okay okay okay

this is manufactured is many bright manufacture ok is the arab world's thursday like so he's over a party in your dress in bike as hiking big big inning the pink one then if you gotta go to the fuck are you with work you a quick I get in with your test yeah my party yeah okay but there is no pressure I love you guys are totally deny it there is no pressure I know i don't know I know there's a pressure it folks what you got a real same pressures bullshit okay it's manufactured by guys to get you to do it next year so just don't give in to it and it's called suits in october ok we israel I is yeah how we I but I did just just put on display on your sol and you can go and graham onions you are i

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