A Jamaican policeman killed my brother

When I went to the hospital, I ran inside when I went to the hospital, I ran inside i noticed that he was on a gurney. So they started to wheel him towards me, and I am no doctor, but I knew that the last sense that you lost was your hearing, and so I said: " can I speak to him?" and I said for the first time " I love you." for the first time " I love you." if you told me I would have lost my brother to a police officer, any of my brothers, I would tell you're telling a lie.

I still have so many questions to my brother's death. I can't find any proper justification. He was shot under the armpit from the back, a few centimeters from his heart. That wasn't to neutralize a threat.

Murder was the charge. Jamaica is one of the most violent societies on earth, at the same time jamaica's police force is among the deadliest in the world.

In this tiny nation, with a population of less than 3 million, police kill hundreds of people every year. We're walking into the orange villa community where nakia and I grew up.

I'm entering my brothers restaurant. My brother nakia jackson's restaurant. This is the room in which she was murdered. the report was that my brother was killed because he looked like a rastafarian rastafarian man what robbed a gas station, and that was sufficient for an officer to disregard is right to life.

Residents of orange villa in downtown kingston were in anguish last week, over what they claim was a clear case of indiscriminate police shooting. I thought I had a good relationship with the security forces.

I was probably one of their biggest advocates in terms of supporting them and their community policing mantras. So, I didn't choose advocacy, advocacy chose me.

We will be having a gathering of the support group helping other families to overcome their helping other families to overcome their personal struggles. police use their uniforms to do whatever they want to do and they kill who they want to kill and get away with it.

We have to do something about it because we're hurting families. sometimes from bloodshed comes change. As part of our thrust to really use this tragedy to positively impact the lives of others, we will have three days of activities taking place in commemoration of my brother's birthday.

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