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News welcome to usa breaking news today please subscribe and click notification box to get all breaking news alert breaking news today world war three china issues harrowing military warning that war preparations will not stop china is preparing for world war three after warning extensive military drills that frightened neighbors will not be stopped because they are a rehearsal for future conflict which holds great importance in winning battles the populist east asian state declared the communist nation has held another round of drills in the disputed, south china sea and the western pacific after passing by japan's southern islands the air force said on sunday calling such exercises the best preparation for war china is in the midst of an ambitious military modernization program overseen by president x.

I jumping with a heavy focus on its air force and navy from building stealth fighters to adding aircraft carriers president x. I insists his nation has no hostile intent but its sabre-rattling in the busy south china sea waterway and around taiwan has touched a nerve in the region and in washington in a statement the air force said h6k bombers in so 30 and so 35 fighters among other aircraft carried out combat patrols over the south china sea and exercises in the western pacific after passing over the miyako strait which lies between two southern japanese islands china said air force exercises are rehearsals for future wars and are the most direct preparation for combat it did not say when the exercises took place nor specify the parts of the south china sea or the western pacific in a freedom of navigation operation on friday a us navy destroyer came within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island china has built in the south, china sea provoking condemnation from china, which claims most of the strategic waterway sending so 35 fighters over the south china sea aims to help increase the air force's ability to fight far out at sea the air force said in the statement on its microblog flying across the miyako strait which also sits to the northeast of the self ruled island of taiwan that china claims as its own accorded with international law and practice the more exercises china practices far from its shores the better it will be positioned as an important force for managing and controlling crises containing war and winning battles it added beijing was furious after us president donald trump approved legislation last week that encourages the united states to send senior officials to taiwan to meet taiwanese counterparts the atmosphere in beijing began to get heated after us deputy assistant secretary of state alex wong visited taipei on tuesday.

Wang became the first senior state department official to visit taiwan since mr. Trump came into power and since washington approved the taiwan travel act which has already worsened ties and brought new pressures to us-china relations mr.

Wang said in taipei on wednesday that the united states commitment to taiwan has never been stronger and that the island is an inspiration to the remaining regions of the indo pacific china claims self ruled taiwan as its own and considers it a wayward province and chinese president ex-agent bing said on tuesday that taiwan would face the punishment of history if it were to make any attempts to separate the global times said in an editorial that china had to strike back against the law dot it said china can pressure the us and other areas of bilateral cooperation for example the korean peninsula issue an iran nuclear issue china can also set itself against the us and international organizations such as the un the paper which is published by the ruling communist party's official people's daily added the mainland must also prepare itself for a direct military clash in the taiwan straits it needs to make clear that escalation of us taiwan official exchanges will bring serious consequences to taiwan this newspaper has suggested that the mainland can send military planes and warships across the taiwan straits middle line this can be implemented gradually depending on the cross straits situation thanks for watch.

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