Stormy Daniels Interview SHOCKS Doctors, Close-Up Pics PROVE She’s Hiding Major Problem

Stormy daniels interview shocks doctors close-up pics proof she's hiding major problem stormy daniels is the new darling of the mainstream media even though she has been making allegations

about president donald trump since 2011 the porn star made her 60-minutes debut last night with anderson cooper to the delight of the leftist losers well daniels is refusing to talk to reporters

today after doctors who were watching were shocked to find one major problem that she's trying to hide this development proves that porn star needs immediate help shocking close-up photos

from stormy daniels 60 minutes interview are surfacing and they prove that she was high on some form of drugs according to many viewers the daily mail reported stormy daniels much-anticipated

interview has sparked a flurry of accusations that she may be on drugs after viewers pointed out her dilated pupils they added daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford was on cbs's

60 minutes to discuss her alleged affair with president trump on sunday night but many viewers were distracted from the shocking interviewed by daniels appearance blythe bernhard a health and

science reporter for the st. Louis post-dispatch was one of the first to notice she tweeted healthy reporter tweet here why are stormy daniels pupils so dilated in the bright room a c's

anderson cooper armed ok carry on a close-up image shows exactly what blythe bernhardt is talking about others weighed in including medical professionals doctors and nurses as a

registered nurse who worked in the emergency room of a major county hospital I can tell you pupils this large are usually due to some type of amphetamine I have never seen anyone

with such large pupils while under bright lights who is not on a stimulant like cocaine mark dice who reports on current events and politics tweeted pupils tend to constrict due to the

bright light used for tv interviews including a photo of the three for reference he added stormy daniels pupils versus her lawyers versus anderson cooper's interesting the images showing

the pupils of cooper daniels and her lawyers eyes were all captured during the interview in which they are all in the same room under the same lighting therefore their pupils should behave in

the same way as the image shows that's not the case former drug counselor raymond armaiti no wasn't shy about his opinion tweeting at stormy daniels having a past as a drug counselor I

would say you need major help I could tell you were coked up the minute you spoke then I could see you are the only one with large pupils under bright lights while your lawyer and anderson

were normal a cokehead and a whore ouch that tweet went straight to daniel's and must be why reporters can't reach her for comment of course you won't hear about his from the mainstream media did

60 minutes just put an addict on national tv stormy daniels eyes are extremely dilated I worked in the tv industry for years lighting is very harsh and your pupils contract not

dilate number 60 minutes hasha stormy daniels but hey she's totally credible tweed a deplorable razorback selling herself is the main point of daniels new publicity tour with allegations that are

from an event she claims happened back in 2006 there were no new revelations she alleges she had sex with donald trump one time in 2006 in a hotel room even fox news howie kurtz wasn't

impressed kurtz frequently reports on celebrities and he tweeted i'm not saying stormy daniels lied about the one-time sexual encounter but she didn't produce evidence of threats or hush

money on 60 minutes I guess he missed the contracted pupils the cause of which would factor into her state of mind especially since daniels cried about being threatened when she was with her

small child she said in 2011 she was putting her kid in a car seat when some man approached her and told her to stop talking about donald trump her account of a thug threatening her and her reason

for bringing this up again makes no sense in 2011 why would trump send a thug to threaten her it's not as if he was running for political office and as a celebrity billionaire we know trump

has had many women make allegations none of them have said a thug threatened them daniels says she is speaking out now because she is frightened but this is 2018 and she was supposedly threatened

in 2011 since then nothing has happened she is clearly high on drugs and looking for another payday she admitted that coming forward has helped her so-called career stormy daniels is a train wreck

she's an aging porn star most probably high on cocaine and the only place she has is her trump card if she's on drugs it's time someone gets her help she has kids if she wasn't such a gold digger

who doesn't care about destroying our president i'd almost feel sorry for her storm is 15 minutes are almost up i'd recommend she look into one of those celebrity rehab reality shows what do

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