Full McFaul: Putin Has Weakened Us ... And He's Not The Only One Who Can Do It

Msnbc contributor and former us ambassador to russia mike mcfaul joins me now mike when we booked you this morning we only were going to talk about sort of what muller said and

in between we get the first of what is going to be a series of bipartisan reports from the senate intel committee you know like all of these things we knew it

was extensive but oh my it was more extensive your initial reaction well chuck i've been at work all day so I haven't read the report but I knew was coming I testified

before that committee yes we knew it was extensive I think there's now widespread agreement about what the russians did the trouble is there's not widespread

agreement about what should be done and remember molars report was not a 911 commission where it spelled out both what had happened and what should be done and I

find it rather shocking where july 2019 where two and a half years out just a few months away from the election and we still are arguing about the prescriptions and

no legislation has passed yet that enhances the security of american voters come next year you know and i'm gonna be as crass as I can politically here which will

make my friends on social media happy and it's this the irony here is politically the easiest thing for president trump to do would be to champion and sign these

electoral security bills yeah the easiest thing for him to do sitting as president is to acknowledge that this is a threat what is it i'm saying it's slightly rhetorically

here but what does that tell you that he doesn't even want to do the easy politics of what could be a bipartisan bill signing make it look like he cares about this I

mean he truly doesn't care about this it's just shocking I don't know another word to put it I think somehow i'm just psychoanalyzing here now but I think somehow he thinks

that might play to his favor and what I think the president is forgetting is that were rushing here asking that maybe you know russia he said it himself right I don't

need to put words into his he said if they got something interested he'd take a look and what he's not remembering two things one putin doesn't care about trump putin wants

to weaken us and he thought it was instrumental to his favor to support trump to weaken us and I think putin has achieved that objective but number two even bigger

putin is not the only one that can do this to us you think the iranians if they break into our systems on election day are gonna falsify the vote on in

support of president trump you think the chinese are you think the silicon valley hackers where I live that really don't like the president you think if they

are playing putin's playbook they're gonna play it on behalf of trump and your wish you realize it and when you realize that was the final season of veep that was the

entire premise is it she gets it it's which candidate is gonna suck up to the chinese more and it was supposed to be a comedy and it didn't feel like a comedy I did not

know that fact chung-kai so thanks for telling me that but I do worry about it a lot I worry especially you know the disinformation piece you know that can be handled

companies out here trying to work with it I support the legislation that would provide more information about that I don't see it going forward but the thing I

really worry about is something on election day even some fragment you know a hundred thousand voters in wisconsin that show up their names aren't on the list yeah

and you and I and everybody focuses on that and in a close election that could become scandalous that could become threatening to our democracy especially if

president trump is not winning and then he can say well hey I told you was going to be falsified now it has and then we're really in a constitutional crisis very

serious stuff because I have your national security brain on this show it was a topic I quickly brought up earlier in the show and it has to do with the president basically

not wanting to punish turkey for working with the russians and I sit here and it comes in the same week as we have the malla report why shouldn't we tie those two

things together you know the hypothesis is still there I mean you heard mr muller say yesterday that he did not investigate financial ties we taught we've been speculating

about that for a long time as to why and he said it was not in his purview I do think it is one of those there's applanation let me ask you this mike is there a mother

plausible explanation for why the president would want to not punish turkey here while everybody else does in this country and i'm quick yeah I apologize for that okay yes

there is and that is because president trump has not only embraced putin but he's embraced other dictators around the world and so there's a pattern beyond

russia but as a plausible hypothesis I think we still don't know the full details financial relationships between the trump organization and russians

mike mcfaul i'm gonna leave it there as always sir thank you stanford looks like thanks for having me still looking good behind you appreciate it hello youtubers

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