Serena Williams Double Layer Maxi Dress

Okay well the beautiful ricky reynolds is here with us in easter like color but i'm so excited because we are launching pre-launching the serena williams today's special

right here right now you get first look you get first dibs at the color and size you want there's more to this than meets the eye it's a maxi dress and a topper you're

getting two pieces of clothing here for that one price of $39.95 which is so awesome so what you're wearing is the today's special this is it okay this is it you

look fabulous it's such a great piece and colleen I just wanted to give you a sneak peek and maybe i'm not gonna flash everybody but what it is is you talked about two pieces

but it's actually three looks because if you write if you pull this up it's color blocked so you could wear this alone you could wear it with the top it's completely

different looks how cute so if you can wear the maxi maxi entity that you could wear with other tops and other things right and then you all gather add it together

and then if you want to add that third piece this little topper i'm wearing that I think is so fabulous you could take five dollars off this cardigan so cute oh it's

on a different one oh I thought I was wearing the bonus buy one oh okay so this topper matches there's another top oh this is the bonus buy very good where you get a

topper and a tank you get two pieces yeah and we'll take five dollars off that now what i'm wearing we're gonna put up at the bottom of the screen it's a dolman sleeve cardigan

love that dolman 19 2 and it's all that kind of nutty wonderful linen like fabric and that is also here you can order that in a color to coordinate with your maxi

or you can order it in the monochromatic look as well we have all the same colors so let me show you the colors that we have in the maxi this is such a cute set I love it it's

just adorable it's so comfortable here are all the colors for you real quickly so that you can take a look and see for yourself you girls decide which one you like the

best here that's the buttercup yellow there is the deep teal beautiful there's driftwood I love that driftwood navy is what i'm wearing gorgeous lemongrass green we also

have heather gray and that also has the charcoal so that is two colors or 2-tone if you will so this is the pre-launch already 700 gone good luck girls I

would get at least one because this is the thing as we talk about dress to chill this is dress this is yourself this is it I mean when we talk about athleisure and that trend

that we're all loving that's not going anywhere this is it your this is your loungewear this is your chill wear this is your go to the movies meet up with friends go

out to dinner and then go pick up the kids with this because it's functional and it's fashion it's great style we've got some great colors so i'm so excited

for the launch of this today's special because you are already in love with it so many have gone people are already leaving comments so we're really excited to bring

this for spring and summer it's so much fun and the key to this guys is that it has all the things we look for you get the top that's a separate piece so you get

more mileage on of this maxi dress and you normally would that's a 23 inch top the dress itself is 55 inches long this is something you can style there's rekia

giving us some ideas there's so many adorable ways to style this you throw your own toppers your own pieces over it but the fact that you get a beautiful maxi dress a

great little over top that has this light linen a gossamer like feel that just again this is so soft this jersey knit I love so and then the top of the little t here is

made out of a slub fabric and you should see it it's just so look at this it has the perfect amount of sheer just the perfect amount of sheer work done you could wear this with

the tank and wear this with a pair of jeans hold this over the maxi dress and you've got a complete leader and this is hi-low so what happens here it really is flattering you

look like you're wearing a skirt and little matching top and in the back the lo gives you nice coverage across the little you know derriere all of that we don't it

gives you the perfect amount of coverage and what that high-low does colleen is it elongates the body so even with the color-block as we as we've shown you here if

you want to to wear this alone if you just wanted to wear the maxi dress alone what that does is the darker color is at the bottom that is elongate and then you

have the lighter top lighter at the top just to give you that contrast and mix it up we've got some mixed-media here for you and it's fun I mean tis the season to you

know travel we're going on our cruises now we're going to barbecues day parties baby showers I was just talking to somebody and the makeup wrote about a baby shower

this is the type of maxi dress that you can wear and you can get so much wear out of it because of the functionality exactly and already almost 750 gone this is the first

look it's the first presentation it's the it's a sneak peek what's to come at midnight so order the size i'm in the medium I would normally be medium I would

recommend medium or whatever size you normally are you don't need to go up or down with this order true to size for sure easy to care for incredibly soft

and ultra ultra versatile there is no reason I mean we're dressed casually in the show tonight so I have it on with my sandal that's coming up but I could wear this with a

tall wedge I mean you can change out your jewelry and make it a little dressier the black work he and I were both saying the black is fabulous and the black is something

you wanted to glam that up and wear that with a little heel you could wear that in a twinning event in a minute look at how cute so if you love a beautiful chic black maxi

yeah you can accessorize to the hilt go for the black all of these colors are so much fun I did love this color it that's just a really luxe rich color and you don't have

the color-block here some of them you do have the color-block but this is just a very chic way to wear a maxi dress and you have that great width in the shoulder area so if

you don't wear it with the topper you can just wear it plain and it conceals your bra straps so it's giving you all of the functionality that you love with your

fashion pieces for serena's signature statement and it's easy it's fashion done for you look how beautiful these colors are and this time what we did is give it

we've given you the brighter colors because we're embarking upon spring so how easy is it to spring into fashion with these beautiful color look at the gray

and the gray is again two-tone like that so some of them are too color-blocked and some are all one color so as you're kind of seeing here you can see which

ones are 2-tone which ones are all one color absolutely adorable you get two pieces it's only 39.95 it's a huge value it's our best buy of the day launching at midnight

tonight but you are getting the first chance to order the size and color you'd like that coral that you're wearing is so pretty I love this coral beautiful it just

screams summer and it's screams spring and I do want to tell you all that sarina specifically wanted some of the maxi's to have that color blocking so that you

could have the option so if you wanted the option to just wear it alone you don't have to wear it with the topper you can wear the mask alone and have the contrast of

color sweet long gait the body but we love our maxis especially as we're going into those spring and summer months because they're easy they're flowy we had that

femininity there and that topper gives you just that perfect amount of sheerness that you love in a top it's not gonna be completely sheer but what it does is just give

gives you that perfect illusion and a great contrast to just put on just to mix it up a little bit and then you can take this and then wear with a pair of

leggings or wear with your favorite denim or a pair of a pair of cutoff shorts so we're giving you options here to have these pieces when you get this hump at home you can

take this and wear it all together and then mix and match it this is I want to show you the graphic for the top i'm wearing because this is the little cardigan it's

adorable the girls have it on as well so we're gonna be talking about that oh good ring up a couple minutes to talk about that because it's beautiful and it's I have

it tied but you can wear it long you wear it tied it's such a cute piece so we'll talk about how you had a time in it it's just I love this outfit because it's so

comfortable it's something you'll just love to wear you jump into it as you said you have a whole list of things to do rakia is a busy mom I didn't realize

it you have three children your oldest is 12 12 so this is a you know we're all busy but this is the very busy lady and you know what a girl on the go we need

clothes like these need but works with us and for us and I just took my kids to a theme park and I was like you know I packed this dress because I wanted to be able to go

to dinner with my husband so not only did I wear this to dinner with my husband with a pair of stiletto sandals but I put this on with sneakers and I was able to carry

backpacks around the theme park with my kids that's how functional it is and that's the type of clothing that we love for serena's signature statement because you can

be functional it can be transitional and it's versatile you can wear it day night and it's chic too casual absolutely hold on if you're ordering we're busy

taking your calls you can see our 1100 gone so we will take as many orders from you as you'd like to place right now it you will see a full presentation coming up at

midnight with sarina rickie is going to be here throughout the day it's

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