#Add1Challenge Learning Māori in 90 days - Day 0

Hi, this is day 0 video for the #add1challange my name is alison bruce I am from chistchurch my mountain is aoraki/mt cook my river is the waimakariri river pukaki is my lake my

parents are mandy and donald my brothers are nicholas, michael and daniel and linda is my sister david baisley is my partner I have four nieces and nephews, serenity, jasmine,

levi and eli (oops didn't mention my god daughter alexis) I went to burnside primary and high school and cobham intermediate I went to the university of canterbury I live near nelson and

motueka in pokororo well, greetings to all of you that is my 'mihi' (a traditional way of introducing yourself) it was a short mihi! This is my third #add1challenge it is different

this time, because I have entered with a language that I know last year I learned spanish this year I learned new zealand sign language for this challenge my wish is to improve my

language (māori) my speaking! I want to improve for the purpose of. To. I want to teach māori language to other people in italki maybe? It has been a long time (literally a large number of

days) that I didn't speak in māori because I went to australia I thought I would continue my studies when I returned to new zealand now, I have returned I have to begin my challenge

in the māori language! It's really hard to return to a language because I don't know the things forgotten, the things left behind, I don't know many of the sentences (structures) that I

knew before this week, lots of that I had forgotten have come back which is good well, I will sing because. I should sing, because it is an important thing in the māori language (culture)

to sing to support your speech. There are three thing the important things according to the bible hope faith the most important thing is love

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