Marseille mCable 4K Upconverting HDMI Cable

Moving into i'm really excited about this do you know why phil because I read the reviews on hsn. Com and I have a 1080p television at home and every one of the reviews

sold me on this cable i'm buying this cable today it's the marseilles m cable 4k upconverting high-definition cable it's the hdmi cable for 99.95 we're talking about 4k 4k

is the latest in technology if you're like me and have a 1080p television at home and you want to upgrade to the next level upgrade that content now you can do it

with a plug of a cable every review said they plugged it in and instantly instantly they could see a difference in their television that's amazing to me and

especially to get it with free shipping and for flexible payments of $24.99 spectacular deal we were all surprised how populous became because we're like it's an hdmi

cable I have them no one has this hdmi cable like this because what yes it's gold tips which is great but it's actually what's on the inside there is a processor on the inside of

this cable that actually can take your 780 p signal or 1080p signal and turn it into 4k so you see it has that built-in microchip that digital enhancement that detail

enhancement giving you great color great vivid imagery to 120 hertz frame support and more importantly it has that pass-through capability because what happens we

pay for a high-definition cable box do you know most of those high-definition cable boxes actually are 720 and that's just it but what's gonna happen with this and the microchip

that's built in it jumps it up to 4k so give you really crisp beautiful you see that last point right there technicolor 4k certified what other hdmi cable out there is

technicolor certified look at the reviews on hsn. Com see why people are raving about it because it you do have to get it home to really see the different technical urmi that means

because way back in the day all the big movies was like this is in technicolor this is exciting I mean there the hollywood movie standards in terms of that's exactly

what you're getting by enhancing this one cable we all can plug in a cable into the back of a cable box and into the tv so when you can get this home and simply plug it in and

enhance that movie quality enhance that day to day tv quality they can go from 780 or 720 to 4k it's a huge jump so get it home play with it see how much you're gonna love it I

don't we could roll some I think you have a video support showing you some of the before and after detailing that would be great the details are gonna be crisper it's

gonna be richer and did you go out and upgrade your cable box no did you go out and buy a new tv no you actually just updated your cable which is great and you're gonna see right

here some before and afters like look at the natural contours it's a little muddled but then it gets crisper and again you're getting that full hd experience look at the

entire treads it's not bad it's really a crisper image the details on the look bad the thing is we've settled for the blurry because we didn't know better and just even

like they're in that last frame the architectural differences you can see the bricks you can see vivid color differences why because of this one enhancement that you're

getting home it's a simple enhancement it's simple to do you plug it in you plug it in did you see that connect it was like 1 2 3 that's see this usb port right here this is

actually how you power it up so to power up your microchip you do need a power source so you normally would plug in hdmi to your tv and you plug this into your usb in

your tv if you don't it also to be plugged into a wall but more importantly what normal hdmi cables do if it's low definition it's low definition if what happens here if it's

low definition it now becomes a high-definition signal or a 4k signal so really it's a nice advancement get her home play with it see how simple it is to just plug

and play but more importantly you're gonna enjoy that quality difference every time you turn on the tv well you know what I think that's you know our tv is an

all-american pastime we love to sit down whether it's football whether it's our favorite tv shows a movie a movie night in you get the popcorn you know it's rainy with the storms

that we've been having and of course the hurricane and we're hoping everyone is staying safe and dry but you know what are we doing if we have power we're at home and we're

watching television because we can't go outdoors or you're spending time with your family this is way that you take your television and you up convert all of

that you know information whether it's even if it's information from that you're on your you're mirroring your image from your laptop could you imagine your fine print

and all of that being much more crisp much more detailed the picture quality is superb when you use this cable you plug it in one two three it is such an easy step to be

able to set this up the reviews on hsn. Com there are 17 reviews and 13 out of those 17 are perfect five-star reviews this is going to help bridge that gap between your 720 or

1080p television and up convert it upscale it to your 4k information or that 4k picture and you think about have you priced a 4k television they are that premium

television it's expensive but we still want the technology but maybe you're going I still like my tv I don't need a new tv but you want a better picture this is how we do

it think about what we want better sound we get a sound department think about when we get a receiver to our television we get the cable box we get a blu-ray player

because all of these components make your television better right all of this makes for a better experience for you that is what happens when you use this cable as you

bring up a great point a lot of us got new headphones because we want a better audio the thing is you want better picture but you're still using that freebie that came

with the tv or the cable box that didn't up convert and enhance this and I won't lie when we launched this for like $100 for an hdmi cable who's gonna get it but when you see the

difference at home you appreciate the purchase when you know this is more than just a standard hdmi cable you really do get excited about it that's why in terms of I think

we've aired it maybe three times two times it's becoming a huge customer pick it's simple plug and play realize that inside the tip of this it's not just gold tips it's the

microchip that makes the details and the processing capability of your tv able to accept a better sharper signal and the thing is we watch tv all the time we watch it yes with sporting

season fall premieres all that stuff that's coming up for years to come you're gonna benefit from this technicolor certified enhancement in terms of what the marseilles cable

will do for you think about how much better we're going look loo scurry i'm kidding but your overall viewing experience will be so much better i'm actually only

20 so when you get this cable at home you'll really see how y'all guys look it's a simple upgrade cuz a lot of technologies like where's the husband the honey do list you can

plug it in you can plug it in you're done it's so easy so free shipping and four flexible payments of $24.99 to try it you have a 30 day money-back guarantee bill thank you

you're back tomorrow we'll see you a little bit for you very nice i'm back tomorrow as well we have coins coming up tomorrow at 8 p.M.

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