When You Think He's Cheating by Jay Shetty XoXo Episode 1

We all have that one friend who loves to give relationship advice. That's me that's my friend. she's always got an issue with who i'm dating.

He's cheating on you! If I had a dollar for every time she said that to me, i'd be a millionaire. But I just don't believe it. Girl he's cheating on you.

No way. I just don't know how you don't see it. What is there to see, you have no evidence to prove that. He's always at work.

That was a good miss. Exactly but you know the time that he does spend he spends with his friends you know who his friends are? Then right she's got a bottle of wine and I get another bottle of wine, so all a sudden i'm with 2 girls and we're having pasta, we're having a little salmon, we're drinking some wine, have a little music don't worry, they're just being boys, come on, I don't need to hear this anymore.

Really it's ridiculous. Yo yo yo, is that him? That's sarah's boyfriend. Yes he's hugging up on that girl. That's a long hug. Yo we gotta tell her.

Hell yeah i'm gonna tell her! She's not picking up, let me text her hey, I have some bad news hey, I got some great news he's cheating on me well I just got a new job and i'm finally going to ask her to move in with me.

So yeah. I knew there was a reason he didn't ask me to move in with him. I'm so glad that both of you called me. It's so often that we start taking the opinions of other people as actual facts.

It's crazy that when someone cares for us we think that they're all of a sudden experts in the reality of our lives and it's incredible how someone else always has the best advice for us, even when they're going through their own challenges and so what I want you to remember is that there's three types of friends that we all have.

The first friend is called the yes friend, the friend that tells you everything you want to hear and the only thing they're good for is a quick little ego boost but apart from that it's definitely not a great place to be and a great person to be around.

The second type of friend is your expert friend, that's the friend that you were listening to, the friend that acted as the expert as if she could see everything and the thing is she even had amazing intentions, she cares for you, she's deeply concerned about you but she didn't really know where he was coming from and then made that mistake.

And what's the third? The one who's the guide the one who presents you with ideas, they share what they're observing, they put forward their genuine thoughts and what they think would be best for you, but they let you make your own decision, they let you come to your own conclusions and that's the people you really want around you when you're making big decisions about your life's journey..

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