Yes I have been working at home we just picked up ali from school and oh my god there's a mouse on our counter good morning ollie smile for mama he

always has to get his picture taken every day mama takes your picture before school yeah good morning today's a big day for school huh it is your

name what are you sharing today because it starts with an h hook huh yeah look at him carrying his huh his lunch and we also got cupcakes cuz it's

birthday party day birthday party day share day and picture day all in one that's awesome you want a cupcake dude you're gonna have a good

day at school now we are headed into music class you get to do a little school okay yeah like he's still not totally sure but I think I think

he's gonna like it all right it's gonna make some music dude and you got an instrument it sounds so pretty you play an open there you go say

good morning you like our earrings do you look so cute hey finn eat can you give it to june what sticker did you get fish you got a frog yeah

that's so cool did you have fun at music class good alright we are now back from music class and this kid needs some milk huh is there any milk in

your cup it's all gone here let's leave this here you go get the milk okay come on he loves doing this you guys he can usually get the door

open by himself but he kind of struggles grab the milk there you go it's a big one be careful oh good job look at those strong muscles working I

got it buddy this little dude is so serious about his milk you guys he's got to have his meal and he actually prefers white milk over chocolate milk

unlike ollie which is really interesting it's crazy how different they are hey did you have fun at music class that was so cool playing with all

the instruments ha ha ha so that's like a once a week class that we're taking finn to now and he really loves all the instruments and he's

warming up a lot too every but all the kids and like the teacher and stuff what halloween ok hurry amy hey what do you want to be for halloween

famous you i'd be a baby harry okay following baby that's what he's gonna be we're home we have had a busy morning we had music class and then I actually

went to the gym came home got changed i'm actually feeling a little scraggly right now it's still and finn is changed into some different clothes and

actually I just got a call from actually I got a text message from ali's teacher and he said he or she said that he had a little accident and I

feel so bad he luckily has has like a change of clothes I just feel really bad I don't know he never had potty accidents so I don't know

if he was like embarrassed to say he had to go potty or if they were just super busy and he like for really for guy so I hope that

everything's okay feel really bad folks i'm sure that's kind of like an embarrassing thing to happen I mean they're all preschoolers so it's not

like too dramatic if it happens i'm sure it's happened before in the class but I do feel really bad so I think i'm gonna pick them up not

early I mean he's done with school now he just does like playtime and nap time but you gonna pick him up next time and just bring him home

because they feel that it bad for him I mean stan are gonna go pick up our pickup brother was excited you want to get ally yeah poor little

dude I actually tried to put him down for a nap before I loved that he could sleep well I picked up ollie and it just didn't happen and of

course he passes out in the car I think he might actually stay asleep and then go back to sleep i'm gonna get the car we'll see what happens hey bud

we got with you ollie can go get ollie's are you okay three tire is seep in yeah well let's go get on it and you can go back to sleep it k oh finn are

you so happy to see your brother you got to pick up his hook everything now they're just playing with toys hey bud are you eating your lunch in the

car did you forget to eat lunch are you just too busy having fun yeah well how is school well do you want to tell us anything that happened oh oh no

that's okay though huh yeah what happened did you forget yeah we just too busy having so much fun yeah it sounds like he was just having a lot

of fun he was playing and just totally forgot so how was share today good you shared your toy did everyone like the hook yeah and what was your

favorite toy that other people brought a baby a baby doll because it starts with what buh b yeah and so that was your favorite thing that

someone brought that's so neat and how was the birthday party good that fun what'd you get a cupcake yeah what kind is it I had to sleep

sprinkled what's been there yeah that sounds good all right last but not least but how did picture day go good did you smile show me how you

smiled oh that is a cute smile oh so you did like a funny smile and and a cute smile good job his teacher said that anytime that they have like

anything that's like out of the ordinary for the day where it's like they're not doing their usual routine and like for instance it was

picture day at a birthday party day she said every kid just it's just crazy it sounds like almost every teacher had just a hard day today cuz it was

just totally off their schedule and the kids are like what's going on why are we going to take pictures it sounds like they got through it

everything was good and I think it's pretty cute that he got to do his very first picture day I can't wait to see the photos welcome back allie

how was school did you have picture day they took your picture that's so cool we missed you I love you yeah yes I have been working at home we

just picked up allie from school and oh my god there's a mouse on our counter wait did you just topple over oh my god holly did you see this

look at him move is he sleep I don't touch a few cake oh he's moving okay how long was that up there oh my gosh look at him now he's active huh

oh my gosh that was our garage door has been open for a couple hours because we've been going in and out you think it's cute yeah it probably

lives outside buddy and it came in through the garage door it's so close but yes it is so cute he is pretty cute not every day you wake up and see

that huh I remember I remember as a kid waking up and going into the kitchen to make breakfast and seeing oh my gosh so listen and see like mice

run across something we dealt with as a kid in our house there's mice in every house isn't there no are you sure okay or is it spiders I think

there's spiders in every house right yes they say something like you eat like a thousand spiders a year in oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my gosh

okay baby now why dolly he is all alone look at the baby mouths can you believe that babe baby mouse in that kitchen I don't think so he seems

pretty friendly the boys are just looking at it and we put a little bit of water in there you're holding your hand out to hold it yeah the kids

it's so funny you wash your hands really good yeah we gotta wash your hands you didn't need so you gotta use soap when you wash your hands my

preschool or things that he doesn't need to wash his hands with soap you gotta wash your hands with soap buddy okay redo try again wash your hands

with soap this time okay funny too because we actually have like a pest service that comes to our house once a month and sprays inside and outside

and I still see spiders all the time inside of the house and now a mouse so we should probably step our game up a bit hey ollie what's going on

here see you're pulling finn stinky feet down the hallway finn is enjoying it a lot careful the card careful of the card okay I think friends out

enough then I think it's your turn to pull ollie down the all the way okay got my sweet been fun I don't think he's strong and I always trying so

hard it's so cute oh you boys are so cute oh and now he wants you to do it then he likes it okay that's enough force rosen I think give your brother

a hug hug it out brothers hug it out brothers horse-playing hugs right can you stand on your head here i'll hold jack look at you look at you

dude do I need kiss all better sometimes all you need is to kiss it all better how's that okay you too you let me kiss your knee yeah there you

go all right boys you bodyslam okay to be fair I didn't treat him hop on pops initiative that's probably where they learned it thank you

doctors thank you dr. Sister check it out I put fake hair in today and I did it all by myself which i've never done before it I actually

think it looks pretty good if you can't look a little better like blended a little bit better but I am not a professional and this

will just have to do the reason I did this it's cuz me and brian are actually going out tonight and we're gonna go do go to a concert and

just have a fun date night and we're superduper excited and so the boys are really excited because they get to stay with me in

process they are super excited and my mom and dad are here and yeah I think we're actually gonna end the vlog we thought it'd be fun to

just go and relax and have fun and not worry about any vlogging so cindy you want to help me on the blood yeah okay all right they give this

video a big thumbs up yeah they would see a smile get ready

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