Filming in Myeongdong & Reunited with CocoTina 👯

Good morning everyone! Today is furniture shopping part 2 with my mom and then i'm gonna meet up with charlotte in myeongdong to film. And then, i'm gonna meet up with christine (or tina) and ashley.

That should be a fun day. So it's a very nice day out here in seoul, it's quite sunny it's not too cold, but there definitely is that autumn breeze so furniture shopping, and we have a lot of people to meet up with today we are in ihyeon and all of these are furniture shops here in korea.

Hi mom she's tying shoes I still need everything that I mentioned yesterday because we only bought a clock right, a clock yesterday which is very pretty.

Um but i'm keep looking. Oh, they have like drawers here like this. This is nice. Oh this. Okay, let's go inside (in korean) we need this for our tv this is so nice i'm noticing that it's a lot cheaper than shopping online, emart, to come here, so I think we are gonna buy stuff today right, yes, okay.

Here? Let's go look inside this one yeah, I want, I want a closet like this wait it's like really cheap here. We also need a couch no, I think that one over there is prettier we're back home and all of the furniture is going to get delivered to our apartment so it's super convenient i'm just gonna eat lunch now and then head over to myeongdong : ) a simple lunch.

We have spam, miyeok-guk (seaweed soup) and potatoes and kkaennip (perilla leaves) all right friends I am now in myeongdong again, and i'm looking for a store to meet up with charlotte all the products have pearl, which is good for moisture, firm and brightening I see, I saw you so much this year, I feel like I saw you the most this year I swear, I know, you were in la, new york now here everytime she's in korea we make sure we get to hang out so.

We're finally here at klavuu this one the soko glam best of beauty this year, and we're gonna talk about it later because we're gonna film the video and that will be up tomorrow so by the time this vlog is up it's already up so click up there to watch the video informative because charlotte's gonna speak about each of the products hi guys charlotte, charlotte and I just finished filming a video mention we were at wework in seoul.

Oh yeah we are, it's so nice. Look how nice this space is. And it's ten stories high, can fit three thousand people. I'm basically like -you got a really good memory I do everyone tells me that but I feel like i'm just I don't know, yeah I do but yeah, wework you guys have to come and check out the weworks in korea.

It's so nice here. They have like all these couches. Okay, beautiful right there. I'm gonna show you guys right now the couches and this view there's namsan right there so nice it's like really expensive chair.

-Really? -yeah, if you like you look up where all of this is, it's so expensive -oh yeah I was furniture shopping, and I sat on a chair like this and it's $1,000 i've been buying a lot of stuff.

So, come over when I have furniture cuz right now, I don't have anything yes you guys will see her again tomorrow because we're meeting up for dinner, so you know we are. -Pbs like the education platform? Yeah, I used to watch elmo.

-yeah, it used to have ton of programmes yeah ok ok but i'll keep you guys updated, but thank you, charlotte. Bye. Thank you alright I am now leaving wework and gonna walk over to jongno 3-ga to meet up with tina ashley was supposed to come but she has practice so it's just gonna be me and tina and we're gonna find something yummy to eat and catch up coco was also supposed to come, but she has plans coco and I have been trying to meet up like two different times, but she's been so busy so there's always another time all right.

Let's go -oh my god. -so we came here before and like I told them to wait here -yeah, you sure you were waiting by yourself -for like 5 mins I was like tina when you meet her oh shoot.

Coco -hi -hi tina. -hi -we're in jongno 3-ga yeah, this is the best place ever coco. The best. We're getting panjoo I know she's here. She wasn't supposed to be here, but she's here.

Yay finally third time's the charm oh I get it I get why you don't want to spoil my vlog. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah but basically no no I know I know that real good stay tuned on her channel.

I know I was trying to be sassy you get but then she's like oh no together of course ashley. Nooo -hi guys ashley (hello, guys) coco never comes to this side of seoul yeah it's unfortunate because this is where the best restaurants are at.

Uh people have their opinions -i don't really think so I really like gangnam and garousigil. -i like the hanok vibes here. I like the city vibes. Ok thumbnail right now thumbnail thumbnail cheers.

Makgeoli. Ooh thank you very much. Yes service! Thank you very much they gave us service that was really good. Thank you for the meal! We might look for a café but we're all very tired oh, yeah, yeah, okay vintage store and then maybe café, I don't know actually rox no no I told her I was like hey, let's go make ceramic stuff like when I saw this remember yeah, yeah -you know me too well -of course I wanna try one.

This is fun. Earrings these are the ones that um black pink wore. Oh really? Yeah, so pretty, right? That's cute mmm these are really cute jewelry. They're all really cute.

They are. That's kind of like the one I have. I really don't wear earrings that often though but they make such a big difference to your outfit.

Really? Yeah we're done shopping at the vintage sure okay, i'm gonna end the vlog here because i'm tired and just the jet lag. I'm still jet lagged. You're old I didn't see anything, why.

She's tired too though. You're tired too. I'm tired. She's tired. But i'm gonna end the vlog here. I hope you guys enjoyed watching here's a shout-out today for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here and i'll see you guys in tomorrow's.

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