2018 IS A YEAR OF RISING - a prophetic vision I received for 2018

Hi everyone welcome to my channel so I wanted to come on and share with you a vision that I was given concerning 2018 and this is not really it was don't

wednesday video but it's just to give you hope and insight into what is going to take place in the coming in yesterday morning as I was in prayers you're

thinking go out for your morning you know these new mercies I began to have bouts of joy and you know laughter and my heart and my spirit and I just thought

you know it's just the refreshing the morning with fresh mint from the lord and stimuli be much about it and then the lord began to show me a vision in the vision I

saw people standing on podiums these podiums were white and they were round podiums and as they were standing with these podiums these podiums began to rise

up you know there were different podiums and they just began to rise up and these podiums rose up to really great heights I would say rising up to the sky

really great heights and they rose up really quickly really swift it wasn't a gradual thing but an instant rice and when it rose up the podium itself expanded in

height so it rose up and expanded in height it is always seeing this I began to have revelation and understanding of what it means these podiums

represented truth they represented christ and also the people standing on the podiums their feet were not moved or they didn't lose balance or they didn't fall

he says if they were standing glued onto these podiums these people were standing firm on truth and I began to understand what it means you see normally in

this physical realm when people are standing on podiums it's normally it competitions you know like racing competitions etc etc and these people stand on

these podiums because they are about to receive a price for you know the competition that they want or the exercise that they competed in they are about to receive

their price that's why they stand on these podiums so 2018 is a year of promotion it's a year of receiving a price receiving and blessing receiving a promise a

tangible being a tangible a blessing a tangible manifestation of honor and favor and it's a year of rising up and I was given that role maybe 28 verse or

214 it really describes what this vision meant and it's important to understand that these people were standing on truth this is why they rose up and if you don't

stand on truth and in the next coming year if you don't stand on the word of god you might miss what he is going to do 2018 is soft like a millennial yeah it's

not a year that you can say well i'm gonna spend december preparing for 2018 in sort of a yeah that everything that you have prepared for every fast that

you've made every warfare prayer is sort of going to manifest in that yeah it's not something that you can prepare for now but it's something that you have

prepared for for for for many years because there are people we have believed the desert for so long but they're coming out in 2018 it has been established

there are millionaires who are going to be raised up billionaires that that are going to be raised up who cannot pay their rent right now who are probably in

poverty but they're going to be raised up you know they might be given divine ideas or divine intervention like jacob they might be given you a way or a route in

order to multiply financially people like jacob but he was in the wilderness for 14 years and he said you know it's time for me to come out and god

sent an angel of prosperity who'd showed him how to make the animals and he generated he's well through the speckled and the spotted animals so in the same way

they might be divine ideas that these people be given it don't be is dumped in 2018 they're also people who have believed that they probably will never get

married or they'll never meet their their wife or the husband these people also be raised up and they will get engaged people marry in 2018 and there are people who are

preachers or people who have a calling in ministry may be singing it could be writing books it could be a prophesying it to be teaching whatever calling

that it is there are people who god is giving global fame to these people have been sitting on the shelf but they are prepared now to go globally and god is going

to raise them up they don't need to be just in their town but they'll be global because these people have been found worthy they've been found that they can

handle it but you know when you begin to see the manifestation of these things you still need to stand on the word instead of the truth and there are also

people who will receive green deliverances and great testimonies and this coming here the key is standing with the truth and it's sort of a year that'll be

shocking it's a shocking year of shocking testimonies and shocking victories and I was reminded of david goliath you know david was a young boy he was a young boy

and it killed a great giant and javad who has participated in so many battles and so many wars and david a young boy killed this giant this was a

shocking it was a big thing such that david became famous for what he had done so famous that people began to make songs about david to the point whereby even I

came like saul became jealous so it's a year of shocking testimonies and shocking victories so i'm just so excited for what isn't what god is going to

do 2018 and may be able to check out deuteronomy 28 verse 1 to 14 to see exactly the degree of the things that are to take place or this is just to give you a

home and give you insight to the things that are going to take place I also leave a link to my blog post which I wrote in more detail about what I was shown yesterday

so god bless you and i'll see you next day take care bye grab a copy of my latest book incorruptible beauty on amazon kindle and ibooks

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