Binging With Babish Cooks Bob's Burgers For Fans

I think the only answer to that question is probably tina my name is andrew ray I host a youtube cooking show called binging with babish where I recreate the foods

for movies and television binging with babish a lot of people think that my name is oliver babish it's not oliver babish is a character from maybe three episodes of

the west wing show that I love I got started making the show just because I bought a camera and lights and I wanted to practice my food photography and I

thought it'd be fun to make a burger from parks and rec that it just sort of grew and grew and now it's my full-time job so today we're making the baby you can

chive my car burger from bob's burgers this was one of the most requested burgers on the show and we're gonna start with a step that most people forget

i'm gonna toast our buns be a good guy and toast your buns for once drop it in the buns i've never seen bob test his buns on the show but again this is a man who

cares about the quality of spit and then buddy who knows burgers and bob knows his burgers knows the guy to toast your bunny buddy we have four toasted buns let

us fry it's gonna get a little smoky in here folks the price you pay for good food i'm just hitting these with just salt and freshly ground pepper and it's all

that they need is all they want two minutes will slide right off I started cooking when I was like 10 or 11 my mom taught me how to cook she passed away when I was

very young so it's a nice way to just sort of feel closer to her who's always been a huge part of of me and you know so it's film it's a really nice way to to

combine those two things i'm very happy that i've found a career that allows me to do that all right call me it's done no real cheese or condiments on this burger

except for a healthy dollop of sour cream chives this wouldn't be the baby you can chive my car burger without lots and lots of chives chopped it up it wouldn't be

the car burger without our fried pickle wheels i'm getting ready to bread our pickles here and i'm doing the classic wet hand dry hand method for breading

these that way you only have one hand touching the egg one hand touching their flour we are frying when you're laying things down and oil lay them down away

from you slip away from from you your hands and your family and friends there we go we have our fried pickle wheels going to impale them slip them right in there

that's is the baby you can chive my car burger broom broom i'm excited to see if people like this as much as I do no they're they're fried pickles it's like a

car it has little wheels love fried pickles so we have to guess the name of the burger i'm not one I know the name of the baby you do baby you can chive my

car that is not a cartoon bird that's like legit chet the pickle is definitely a very important addition it adds a really nice like crunch I really love sour

cream and it's like the perfect balance with the pickle you know just up the chives I think or try they paid hiv be really amazing display by the way that was

a coolest burger i've ever seen these are the kinds of barriers that they make at bob's burgers why are they not more successful I really want like bob to serve me

this because I think the whole part of the bob's burgers experiences the characters but it's the thunder it's the family I feel like I just went to

bob's burgers in I ordered a burger and that's like my dream I just can't believe they actually taste like that I thought they're just like crappy burgers bring us

more andrew come back I don't know someone anyway just above any ball

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