So what a job need for christmas last night cut the nastiest macaroni and cheese good what what jamie's mac and cheese follow up guys yesterday

we were talking about jamie's mac and cheese and she was like it's the best mac and cheese if everyone this dip and you're gonna love it oh

my god going to ram through it even loving you were doing this and I was like okay he's making for new year's yeah it was always the last night

oh no playful so jail flavor so jamie don't even hated it oh my gosh well bridget you're making thanksgiving mac and cheese down yeah

definitely carcass yeah it does carcass her maxi hurts ham well they must connect apartment oh my god did that just happen seriously what do you do

me you dream something to drink seriously oh drink those are worthless well w save my sister's hawaii thank you yeah thanks dude what just happened

did you are you choking we're talking about who's fine jimmy should we do this again she doesn't choke or should we keep this evening the vlog

don't say well I think yeah well should we just keep it here good brah these blog that would have been the last thing 28th 2017 took promise

i've had it yeah oh my god what's going on you guys get me out of camera here right there in today is once in today is that okay what just happened

to jennifer it's like what's he talking and then my dad's save her like seriously guys right now is that urgent-care like she left the house

and she went to the doctor's to get looked at because she like choked or whatever happened I don't know jennifer like was that a joke was it

real I think it was real and my dad took her and they might be in love guys maybe they're checking into a hotel maybe a care she needs no

you're not done ill I don'ti hear that guys today is wednesday and today jennifer I don't know either she almost died she's lying what she

does a lot or her daughter in a hotel pure assumption purely like look figuratively speaking maybe they're kissing now look it

doesn't matter today is wednesday and today i'm shaving your hair it's gotta be done and your beard no you're not yeah yeah I want the beer i'm

shaving the beard I told you I don't like it that's it why cuz it tickles oh oh here we go folks I am so it's like wait i'll be brush your

hair first i'm gonna brush my why oh no you're trying to bears main I want to wear my glasses do you want hair all over your glasses mom why are

you doing this I wanted to present what it's awful dude oh yeah I get it we're cutting it come on just get one oh hold on one second what before

we do anything else seriously no beer sorry babe I do not want the beard this is what I go through I just want a haircut I mean would you

imagine of a barber did this lame out a barber $15.99 please i'm gonna do a hairdo first what does that mean we'll be back for a hairdo number

one michaels finding out right now that i'm done with this haircut what i'm done with your hair yes you're not good guys check this out you're not

done what great bridget this is not like my new look okay i'm 30 i'm 30 years old okay i'm not going to look like this you look great please

michael all right i'll give it i'll give you this I should shave your beard bro I don't like this I want to come I don't know you look good

please break like this you're crazy no i'll get a shard of glass and cut it myself all right do a circle so everyone could see it what I just think

it'd look good give me can we stop me you look great can we let's get this over with hello / no what is it kind of was it was no yeah kind of was

you're at the right out of my scalp face you with your bare hands oh does anybody else hear it don't go ahead little one your cards we going it's

on purpose i'm telling you I swear to god it it don't like my hairstyle just thought it was very proud of that so you smooth like that haircut

comes up now looking through this lens it's hard for me to like like make sure i'm doing a good job oh he's just what the camera down it

is you work or not hey he's good okay take the camera she's digging into my scalp and she's trying to be funny no I swear here comes over no it's

not oh give it to me no no i'm finishing this with all that what there's a big patch bridgette wait they'll see it here I can see it

i'm looking at it oh okay yeah no here this is come on oh my god let me finish cuz i'm just trying to leave patches of my hair and I you're

screaming my scalp not shave it like i'm done alright jesus okay okay what is going going on is this dad chill please love you stop yeah what

is it what is this thing dying what's going on it's like broke hey this is brand-new yeah we just bought it the store amelia try to get your

beard where it totally does to do this by myself michael why do you have inflamed rashes all over your face at home what yeah oh why do I i don't

know is that this really wrong though yeah on the side what's going on I don't know here's the thing take a shower and drink some water not at

the same time michael one thing at a time okay rash walking they're everywhere fix me I feel so bad for you babe happens every time who's

our a reason this shit is for really dry skin so it should be cleared up by tomorrow there's not then you gotta do it again do it the top of my scalp

folks my hair is done my beards gone now it's time to eat here my class hydrating lotion for your hands I said the next scene let's getting

dinner not putting lotion on my hands now I appreciate all you've done okay but we're done right let's walk outside for what are we done yes

we're done you take the push the stuff in michael it's hydrating it's gonna feel like that fran look at this look tell it goes away rub it anymore i'm

sorry fire what'd you do your hands cuffed hands caught on fire the video will go fires it's time for a little bit of dinner you guys I shaved

my head now we're getting tall oh what my whole face and head is freezing yeah it's very cold out here before I was like a bear and I could rely on

my face and hair so I could stay warm in the winter time and now it's not give me a hat please oh all right his bar go though what I don't know

your hats are we have to go just got to talk about a pickup a massive order and bridges I had to point something out what let me zoom in first

before I say anything thank you can't you see it at night okay you're starting to scare me no look at the truck deer arrows you see the deer

antlers oh my god antlers it's like if shannon had a son eamon it's shaming shaming I can't see you at all but i'm here let's do this come on there we

go hi the bright lights of the car shaymin there we go it is shannon's truck with deer antlers right there folks so you're shane and i'm

shannon I don't like the name shannon you're just odd how you won't pull forward shannon's already half gone oh god we're writing a taco bell no

well the name of this vlog is now wrecking at taco bell how many drinks did you order one how many drinks did you order how many do you think

four yes to my amount isn't to slushies michael they better give me a drink holder they will if not i'm sure i'm gonna park the car get out

screaming at the building why are they not giving you cup holder I hate any overdue drinks don't know what it is about me and drinks and ate them I

like donuts like I feel my face is ridiculous folks overdoing it on drinks she says myself oh we're doing a drink she says I got one drink and

one slushy apiece that's not overdoing it that's an adequate amount of beverage yeah but they're filled well they're gonna give us a better huh are

you really gonna scream with me down they would scream at the building if they dope I need some help shane and what can I do there you go bread you

got a cup holder you happy yes but dude that they actually forgot my mild sauce dude i'm gonna turn around park my car and scream at the

building hey bridget what michael you don't got one oh i'm gonna point out something to britta you guys this is really no sarah could we just go

hey you're gonna laugh dude we just got home with our taco bell right yeah and I decided to put your straw that they gave us into your cup wendy's

oh my god you know wendy straws at taco bell yeah there is a wendy's directly next to talk about which i'm guessing the owners or something

like reach down like a guy straws we're out oh honey yeah wyndi straws at taco bell that's hilarious i've never seen that before well that's

gonna be up for today you guys thanks for watching had an awful day why was your day so awful because all that look at this thing you look like a

baby names maine baby let me tell you some of you guys you don't realize how cold it is outside until you go out there with this okay I walked

outside and I felt like I was freezing to death I need this rash is fixed okay that's it like subscribe favorite pulling everything but

you asked and that's it I love you guys so much why do I look like such a baby I don't know yeah you look more baby than ever we do what's going

on you

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