I Got ANOTHER PINK LAMBO For Christmas!!

All right guys so i'm just now starting the vlog we actually ate dinner at this dining room table all together it was pretty nice my parents cooked some stuff up and

anyways we're about to start opening presents now logan went to his grandma's house to open up some presents over there or basically just waiting on him to get back and then

we'll start opening presents all right guys let's finally open up presents it's almost midnight so let's try to get this done before hits of 26 I can't oh my totally

common girl car 3 that one is from tito you don't have that game it's a demo just so you know he doesn't have the full game no you really did buy it the row box toy we're gonna sleepy

snowball lots of hachem old toys it's not a pokemon a toy I don't know what that is I just got it amah reassured that's why logan get that one for you so here's quick opening his presents

he's done cried about I bet seto replaced it and that's why joshua has legal world again cuz he lost it so oh yeah so santa's just gave you stuff that you lost there broke okay

cool all right so uh and and i'd go to bed okay my wonderful sister's trying to open up presents unless it right here look at these lazy sleepy dogs how is he supposed to keep that

thing warm these huge I already know this is some perfume oh my god why my boy because it's a beautiful box pretty much oh she really did she was roasting me about hi bomber perfume

yeah i'll go right now earlier yeah just fine later yeah she's trying not to cry but she's totally crying it's gonna be a really lit perfume yes I don't know what tito's is so the b-1b

won the big I want to know what logan got him yeah logan do it logan oh with the playstation vr do you have a playstation he's like i'm seeing this year look what's here buying no

that's the white one they don't have those anywhere big steam on islands are nowhere I went to best buy and I saw white playstation I was like okay whatever i'll just um i'll go get it

on black friday it wasn't yeah I was like i'll just get all my friday was like wednesday and I go there and it's 2: 05 the last freakin white playstation 4 awesome oh oh you have

your tees with dang that's why okay when you pair shoes yeah actually she's a very buy a car they send you the exact model of your car so they sent me the gray one with green

interior and i'm showing it dude I broke it hey okay right and so I asked carl is there any way that he could get a custom-made one also then they they did wow I had to take like

360 pictures of your car to prove to them that it was a bit look like that because they would only make it that beautiful thing that's like yeah that's awesome that's the one they

said oh guys this is what my car looked like before I got customized look give me see the green interior then lime green interior black rims so you can take this plastic thing on

break when I was putting it back on I missed did it like that oh my god but it like but tina saw me break it live and he was like that's what her car looked like before it was customer

look it look at the difference oh my god thank you you love it yeah I don't know why they ordered a gray car with green tea oh what smells great does it you guys smell that

paint sorry yeah oh my god yeah it's that spray paint or like nail polish maybe yeah could I miss me miss at least he did on them it said you gave him the wrong thing what a fail did

you mean to give me blank and I said no she was rocket he just got a rocket like it's so big didn't think it really is it's addicting he just called you like how are you and here

we have jonathan sleeping on the couch okay this is from logan thanks wait you got something okay over always I didn't know what that was I told you thank you yeah elastic oh

can I can I tell it why would have it okay here you tell him go okay so we were at best buy oh man oh you said I won't vote hedberg and you said no and help either fit there's all the

headphones yeah 350 on head boat and I said okay then okay I might get her that and then we're at target the other night I was like it was your egg i'm gonna get some help agility

and that's what they had him so that I bought them and then I got your sister robert and then she said look I already go to this smells like oh like gonna give it to I like he'd

already has a pair already emily I have here oh jj-just that's why I was like wait you got jj something I was so complete no he finally did it joshua you got to cut it with that

thing at night man I was gonna get it that was silly I rapped the wrong thing yeah that was not it's getting smaller and go logan it's logan's turn no logan don't open that one

open mine first see how'd you open without me vlogging everybody was talking and walking I got it right now yeah you did guess sock oh how'd you know you want to know something

it was left like underneath the seat of your car and you bought it for yourself a long time ago you forgot about so we wrapped it up oh he doesn't even remember that you called

it you say you want to remember target right yeah best buy or best buy do you think that we bought new ones that's from tito all right move on move on to mine hey move on to

mine it just move on to mine no open it okay then just open it why is he depressed because you you said you didn't want to go to vr box just kidding it's not a vr box it's a lamp

don't go in block lamp and I could use my videos i'm breaking it why don't you why aren't you gonna open up mine you just don't like what I got you hey no oh no oh oh no I told

I want mine open at the present day I was being what cindy yeah come on what is it what is it what's it gonna be oh boy this is where it gets exciting yeah oh boy this is exciting

huh but this is pretty cool huh oh boy when you gonna open up that box buzzards even waiting oh what is it it's about to tell you what it is it's gonna tell you no open it the

other way that's upside down yeah no other way one more time there we go now we're talking I wrapped it upside down it's okay I really have nowhere to be wait no I think that ways

upside down okay it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it's a box you know oh boy oh my gosh it's just a bunch of a dead rat okay at this point he already knows what it is does he not

stupid I don't know what is it everyone know everyone already knows what that is oh dang I totally tossed my letter like trash oh yeah well you tossed it like trash snowball I know

you want to laptop you need a go girl know if you open it up it's just breaks like luna what are you talking about why hey I have one rule that I got you that but I want your old one

okay yeah okay cool how long do you mmm the door yeah that day yeah yes she was cursing in front of the mormont's because the somewhat someone came to the door the ups guy

or something and I was like outside of my sister pretend like that's your package and run to the door saying that no one can see it and remember how I asked you if have you wanted

what would be better class a horse face oh yeah she was asking you what yeah what color laptops are really I told my sister I told my sister that you knew I was like I think he knows

no I was like I hope you like the space gray because I don't i've seen it yeah okay you're gonna see it you're gonna be like oh did you forget about my sister's present so

sad wow wow okay yeah and then you try to open that one for the laptop I was getting so triggered that's confusing yeah you ever like okay thanks tossed it to the side now

we're talking wow christmas hug no no get away wet cross did away us I feel like everyone's literally here yes him reaching yay okay yeah great he doesn't want your channel all right

we do about two hour break and now it is josh's turn to open presents oh he's only got two and a half are you really opening mine first this is exciting this is bad I regret

standing why is it all around for review because I know that he loves unwrapping stuff it's hilarious are you gonna help for no no he doesn't know he doesn't know what I got

anybody facts no he saw that box and yes that way more shocked than yeah nobody knows anymore he hates yeah I know I was like I wonder what he's gonna do you may be nervous it made

me nervous because he's always had an joy he doesn't like iphone you hate the glass it doesn't have another print I know you are for christmas oh my god oh no red you're so that's

okay you can still read it oh my god money man now get yourself a pro bro get yourself up bro that's better than a greeting card like yeah my name is joe bosso what oh my god told

you what's up bro me snowball it's bromance going on snowball oh I was gonna say so did everyone get what they wanted for christmas but we haven't finished and it's past 2: 00

in the morning what do you what are you doing he loves her really chill like that I know i'd like to in the morning she acts so cute all right go that was funny tacocat so backwards

is tacocat I wish every guy loading that and it's a taco cap with a mustache just like teens what is that that's definitely not oh yeah okay cool I totally did not pick those out

front of me and I bought them five minutes later at the checkout he actually doesn't remember the other two gains he picked out so that actually worked out pretty well

really yeah you can only remember those two remember one of them's a vr not one and then which two what are they called battlezone vr and then urged on players and was it ppl with

me right okay see this going on but who gave this to me the reese's company but the reason i'm guessing is from logan just open it up not just kidding it was from me yes I

said why I didn't want to give you hints though what you crave mind tricks with me no I didn't play my tricks the aisle it I promise you I did not have an apple watch and I buy

you those games because I didn't get an apple watch you said that you wanted one plus it'll be cool we literally got that last night then we ran to target right bunker yeah well

the way down in pace no way down in pace that was the only one that had it like 9 o'clock last night yeah like right before they closed oh cute hugs cute hug this is a once in a

lifetime okay he's the most excited for my present hey did you guys see jd's reaction let's replay it right now josh what you gotta cut it with that thing it it's gonna be so sad

all right guys so hope you had a merry christmas and that is the end of the vlog I love you chili pepper is eating an apple and I will see you guys tomorrow bye

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