Present Surprise Happy New Year 2018 & Merry Christmas Magic of Zach King Collection

Just setting up my christmas tree fire oh merry christmas this is extreme gift wrapping that's a sweet look at sky today there's a tasty cloud do watch this well that was crazy what's going

on invisibility it's really cold here at finland just making my house at home now all I need is a person yes this is awesome okay ah we like to keep on refine all in one hot dog i'm this king

you're a hot dog your right now lifeguarding kids don't drink bubbles at home time to face my greatest fear jumping through fences this is the fruit swap mm so put it down take an apple make

it a banana and then get corn okay ready okay here we go that's green that's awesome this is how I break car windows this is twitter in real life go ahead and tweet check out my aquarium

take a popcorn you've got a big bag of popcorn check out the pizza printer oh man cooking ping-pong balls for breakfast mmm yummy this is the long dramatic three thousand and voila this is

how asian solve rubik's cubes look mom every time I use the mouse ladies and gentlemen I call my next trick the powered rancher it's hot today all of your most popular no I need the

street trapping a pig in a blanket hey i'm getting ready for an awesome surprise like this video in three two one all right surprise surprise no mom i'm at work you can't call me

here okay but you try plugging it in well then try to reset it just take out the router go okay i've got a little summer hat for you please don't laugh you're gonna get free stuff out of

this if you try it all right so it looks ridiculous but this is how you get a free pair up sorry didn't mean to break your instagram he was so cute though quick tip if you ever find yourself on

fire don't forget to stop drop it oh my gosh works every time being a tourist makes me hungry hmm we're bunnies come from bunny hi you worked it's kind of hard to see you baby you get it

just right you can works every time mijo check the other garbage mashers y'all ready for this paula where snapchat be the first to watch our stories

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