Does Consciousness Survive Death?

Of all the many mysteries to life and existence, perhaps the greatest of mystery them all, is that of consciousness itself.

Take a moment, if you will, to notice the space in which right now you are observing of this experience. What is the nature of consciousness? Is consciousness produced by the brain? By the complex interaction of neurons in the brain? Or is there more, is there more, to this mystery of consciousness than what meets the eye? For thousands of years, the great visionaries and mystics, from buddha to jesus, have told us that there is some essence to what we are, there is something here within each one of us, that is eternal, infinite, divine.

And today I want to share with you that actually, there is huge body of scientific research and evidence that points to the conclusion that consciousness exists independently of the physical brain.

And the more that we learn about quantum physics, and the universe around us, the more that our basic assumptions about the nature of consciousness are being challenged. Some of the most fascinating and compelling evidence that consciousness does not die with the death of the physical body, is the research into near death experiences.

Near death experiences occur when an individual who has died, by medical definition they are physically dead, the heart has stopped beating, is later resuscitated, or some how they come back to life, only to report that they were aware the whole time.

And not only that… but many of them report having incredible, spiritual, mystical experiences of traveling outside of the body, and becoming aware of, visiting transcendent spiritual realms of existence beyond this universe.

So, what happens when we die? It's a question that humanity has wrestled with throughout history. But a new study conducted by nyu may have found some answers. So, this particular study is the largest study ever carried out in the world, it was done in 15 medical centers across the us and in europe.

And we studied more than 2,000 people who had gone through this cardiac arrest, or process of death, and we did not expect people to have any consciousness or awareness, but intriguingly, up to 40% of people came back, and had had a perception of being aware of what was happening to them, even though they were technically gone beyond the threshold of death.

Do you have some sort of conclusion as to, how far the mind and consciousness goes? Again, from what we can determine, which is actually fascinating, and it raises questions about our whole science about what happens when we die, is that it appears that even when people go beyond that threshold of death, and their brain has shut down, that entity that we call consciousness, the mind, the psyche, whatever you wanna call it, does not seem to become annihilated.

This topic is so fascinating to me, and there is a lot of active, ongoing research in this field, especially within the medical field. And consider that, with these near death experiences, we’re not talking about just a few isolated cases, we’re talking about millions and millions of people, from all over the world, who have reported these experiences.

In 1992, a gallup poll found that I the united states alone, 13 million people reported having these experiences, that's almost 5% of the population.

And other surveys in australia, and germany, and elsewhere in the world, found very similar results. And to me, this is extremely compelling, scientific evidence that consciousness, in some way, in some form, continues after this lifetime, after this human experience.

And, while the idea of some sort of afterlife may so sound completely ridiculous to some people, to many people, is it really more ridiculous than the simple fact that we exist at all? The french philosopher voltaire once said, " it is not more surprising to be born twice than to be born once, " which is kind of hilariously true if you think about it.

Now, beyond these near death experiences, there are many other areas of scientific research in parapsychology and beyond, that point to this same conclusion that there is more to this mystery of consciousness.

For example, there is also active research into mysticism, shamanism, reincarnation, astral projection, psychedelic visionary states, remote viewing, extrasensory perception, and a whole variety of topics…each of which deepens the mystery of consciousness, each which deserve a video of their own, which i plan on making in the near future… but suffice it to say, for the moment, that there is an enormous body of evidence and research, that is all collectively pointing to this conclusion that consciousness is transcendent.

Our most cutting edge science and quantum physics is just now finally starting to catch up to what the great mystics and religious visionaries have been telling us for thousands of years.

That what we are is infinite, in some way that is totally incomprehensible to the mind, consciousness, the one who is aware, what we are, our essence is beyond this lifetime, is beyond this universe, beyond space and time itself.

And this is what every one of the major religions is telling us as well, that the buddha nature is within, the kingdom of god is within, the divine infinite is within each one of us, it is what we are.

And so i'm here to tell the world that there is more, there is more, to this mystery of existence than what meets the eye. Beneath the surface, there is a neverending ocean.

Beneath all the layers of mental conditioning, beneath the ego-mind, beneath the identity that lives in the mind as just a bunch of thoughts, the infinite is here as well, within each one of us, the buddha nature is here, as well.

And if you wish to discover it for yourself, all you must do is become aware of the one who is aware, and meditate on that, open to that, rest, be as you are, and observe.

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