Our cats get new scratchboard beds and SPOILER they like them

Hey guys so we got some new cardboard couch / I don't even know what this is for our cats and we thought we would show you their excitement as we go through them so we two of them

on top of our entertainment system but one just got worn down over time because they can't use it so much and then the second got a little bit messy from there you're like

tracks and stuff up on it so we to get rid of that one so that's our new one and we actually managed to find the same one we had we have right now which is the pretty color

what I like it's like the blue and pink one which I think is really pretty so i'm super happy with on this and then we also have this one down here which is new and it's got like

a little space they can go inside so we're gonna see if they'll actually use that so far not he's the only one of our cats that usually likes going inside all the other bed

the cardboard bed nagi loves it so much that yesterday when poki was occupying that bed nagi was so unhappy comfortable didn't like really maggie used to fit that

perfectly but now he's slightly tipping it's really cute they all go on it even hager still isn't that cute then they keep thinking bigger and bigger but they still try

to fit anyway yeah and the second one has a hole in it and so i'm gonna see if any of the cats go inside now use the only whatever cats who kind of likes going inside small

bogey's no later where are the keys right there oh come out oh and if you're curious we hear can you show that so what the car birthday oh if you're curious we're still using the

card we're thank for a litter we had to move our litter to make room to film this but it's still working um one of the edges they like kicked off so it's not connected anymore

but since we've brought it back from june's parents house like that edge goes up it gets here so there's nothing they can do with it so fine all right let's see how long takes

the cats come out someone's in the bathroom okay bogey come back I present for you okay gave them a present but they usually they come with catnip but we're not gonna put it on

the side because it like just slowly sinks through the holes and then there's a huge mess underneath every single time we like lift this up to vacuum or clean out underneath it

there's just more more how could come here we're gonna present career oh now he's coming slowly he's coming come here now you look like a plastic wrapper you got it

okey I don't you open yeah they want for nagi cuz we gotta let them enjoy their presents one at a time flaking christmas you can't just hand everyone their gifts all at

once you have to hand them out one by one so everyone can enjoy watching them open it okay no yes no it's present opening time you will enjoy your present you like it with

this this is new I don't know you guys you could hug me you found a new throne you soaked you kidding everybody sure got a couple we're running out of spaces equip them there just

go this is gonna go on top the entertainment system and I think we're gonna put this one in this room on top of our old table let's be clear huff's work that's where their big

round thing is okay we should have done more but maybe we don't address space hackers occupy thank you didn't see it here why don't you throw like a food in that can you can you

fit i'm sure you can I mean i'm not gonna shove him in there come i'll probably go in when you feel like it looks really comfortable it's like we have what about pokey I

didn't go in there I think really yeah a bcg test well you bet I know cuz i'll just stick their head in there and then back out you can push a man today I don't wanna shut

them in why not baby pokey like a heightened is all yeah this is really small but you never know if we still might try crazy about this thing oh maggie no come on wait you're

gonna break it kiss just sitting pokey pokey dantana you get two now they can both sleep happily again are you gonna put it okay okay thanks like how haku has his own

spotlight okay would do if we still have the lighten up okay well i'm sure you guys will enjoy your new couches we'll take some more videos of you on them later right my buddy's

my bookie

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