Oh, hey, vicki! Someone’s been doing their squats! That had to hurt! This video is for all the ladies out there who can’t get enough girly hacks! Hey! Ah! Your shirt is um… uh oh, looks like we have a little peek-a-boo situation on our hands.

Yikes, now what? Could my earring studs be of any help? If you have one, take an earring stud and pierce it through your shirt, like this.

Don’t forge to slip the back onto it. Well, whaddaya know, it worked! Nice. And to be honest, it looks kinda cute! Yeah, you mean for that to happen, right vicky? Another day, another workout, right ladies? Too bad that booty pop isn’t well, popping… what’s a girl gotta do to get a nice tush around here, huh? Hey girl! Try these, it’s way easier than squats.

It’s worth a try! Time to de-robe! Go ahead and take off your shoes and your pants, all the way down to your skivvies! There ya go! Now slide on those tights slowly one leg at a time.

Oooh! Don’t snag them! Ah! Nice and tight. Now, pinch a piece over each of your butt cheeks and snip snip! Pull up your pants and see the magic for yourself! Oh, hey, girl! Wow! That’s a pretty major difference, but not too much that it look fake.

Well done! Woah! Ooh, right on the knee! If you’ve ever fallen on your knee, you know it can leave a nasty mark. See? Oh man, that’s pretty bad.

Hmm, I think I may have something that’ll help! Ooh, a tampon. This could work. It’s worth a try, right? For this hack, you’ll need a tampon without the applicator or any packaging.

Next, unravel it completely so that it turns into a wide, fuzzy strip. Who knew that’s what this thing looked like inside? Now put it right over your wounded knee.

If you have tape or bandaids in your purse, stick them onto the edges to keep the makeshift bandage in place.

Okay, let’s start this walk over, shall we? Aw, look at her hair! That bob is to die for! Aw man. Those cuts are way better than my boring ‘do. If you feel this way too, have no fear! A light spritz is near! Once your hair is damp enough, snag an old pair of tights like these see how stretchy they are? In one swift move, give yourself a headband like so! One strand at a time, wrap your hair up and over the headband, just like helly is doing.

Make sure to wrap the strand multiple times. Then move onto the next strand. Keep going until all your hair is wrapped around this thing. Be patient, it turns out really cool, I promise.

Wow! Is it just me, or does this kind of look cool before it’s finished? Next, blow-dry your while it’s still wrapped up. Make sure the blow-dryer is on a warm setting, but not too hot, you don’t want to burn your hair.

Does your hair feel dry? Good! Once it feels like you’re hair is nearly completely dry, go ahead and unravel the strands of hair from your headband.

Ooh! Look at those beach waves! So beautiful! Why would you pay tons of money at the salon when you can get a perfectly styled ‘do right at home? Whoop don’t forget to take the tights off.

Getting ready for a night out? That means heavy eye shadow, a dark lip and of course, a lot of heavy foundation. Yikes! That’s some caked-on makeup! I hope no one gets too close to notice.

Hmm, how can I get around this caked-on make up look? Wait, I think I know just the thing. Fill a big bowl of water with water. Make sure it’s not too hot, not too cold.

Make sure to fill it all the way to the tippy top. There ya go. Take the bowl of water to a flat surface. Okay, now this next part is going to sound super crazy.

Take a deep breath and dunk you head straight into the bowl of water. Keep your face in the water for about five seconds or so. Don’t worry, your makeup won’t get ruined! See? Still in tact.

Snag a paper towel and gently pat your cheeks, forehead and everywhere in between. Make sure to soak up all the excess water off your skin.

Wow, you look great! Cake-free is the way to be! Have fun tonight, vicky! Nothing like a nice, bold lip to make your look really pop, right? Meh, too bold.

That’s okay, let’s try something a little lighter. Okay, now that’s too orange! If you need a more subtle lipstick look, try adding concealer. Simply take the concealer wand and place tiny little dots along the outline of your lips.

Woah, that looks weird. Now smudge the dots out and dab them into your lip line. Since the concealer is your exact skin tone, it’ll blend right in.

See? There you go! The perfect subtle lip! This look is great for when you don’t want to go bold, but you also don’t want to go completely bare.

Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re in the middle of applying your eyeliner when you suddenly realize you’re all out of the stuff? Oh wait, even your back up stash is empty! C’mon, seriously? Okay, this one has got to have a little left in there.

What! This is probably the most frustrating thing on the entire planet! Wait a minute, I think I have an idea. Aw, look at helly, innocently enjoying some tea and cookies.

Little does she know, vicky is about to totally ruin it. Sorry, helly! Aw, now she can’t drink her tea! Bummer. Now that you have a cup of hot water, pop those empty eyeliner bottles in there.

Now all you have to do is wait! Ooh, look at those things steaming away! Give it about five minutes before you take the bottles out of the water. You can do the rest of your makeup while you wait.

Okay, they seem about ready! Careful! They’re hot! Would you look at that? Just like magic they work again! Now you can finally finish that sexy cat eye you rock so well.

Aw, look helly! Vicky brought you back your tea! Oh, c’mon, don’t be mad! So you went a few minutes without your tea, big deal. Is vicky gone yet? You can sneak a sip, it’s okay.

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