Freedom from Anxiety - After two years in a mental hospital

At this point I felt the anxiety going out of me like this and then I had nothing and then I heard the voice to me: " maeva, your father prayed for you now." and so, I sent a message to my father and I asked him: " dad, did you prayed for me now?" and he said: " yes." freedom from anxiety maeva's testimony my name is maeva.

I'm 24. when I was 15 I had a lot of fears and anxiety. It started one day. i woke up and I felt like something in me was different than the day before, but i didn't know what.

And then it became worse and worse and worse and I was not able to go to the school anymore or even to take the bus to go to the school.

And for one year I was at home. i did the home schooling. And I lost all my friends because. because of this anxiety I had.

And then I met a psychologist who said to me: " maeva, people like you need to be hospitalized. Otherwise, they'll spend the rest of their life in their room." and I was so afraid.

And so I had no solutions. So, I went to a mental hospital for two years. The first year was good because i met other young people who were like me and they had the same anxiety, the same fear, and I was like: " oh, I am not alone in this case." and the second year was horrible because I had so much fears and it was worse then before.

I was afraid of being sick, of meet new people, eating with people, like sleeping in other house. i was afraid of everything. One night we were watching a movie with the others and I could felt the anxiety in my stomach.

it was so, so hard for me. I called my mother and we spent one hour on the phone, but nothing changed. I was waiting to talk to a nurse or even to take a medicine, even if I was against this. but I wanted something to stop it.

It was really, really. Too much for me. I was waiting to talk to a nurse and then i felt the anxiety going out of my body like this and then I heard the voice to me: " maeva, your father just prayed for you now." and so I sent the message to my father and I asked him: " dad, did you prayed for me now?" and he said: " yes, why?" and for me it was like.

Okay, because i heard about jesus when I was young but for me. God was someone far away from me and. Yeah. But this time I was like: okay, maybe god cares about me, actually.

And so I started to read the bible and i understood who jesus is and what he did for me. One day I was alone in my room and I started to speak to jesus and I asked him to set me free from all the fears I had.

And also I repented from all my sins because when I red the bible I realized that, okay, i'm a sinner, that's why I feel god far away from me.

After a few weeks I woke up in this mental hospital and I realized like: oh, I feel good. It was something new for me because I was used to feel bad every time.

But I realized that since i prayed to god, things were changing. And I was like: wow, god is doing something. After a few weeks, after I left this mental hospital and I could continue my studies like nothing happened before.

it was like I never had anxiety or fears. After that I get baptized, I received the holy spirit and everything changed. I was completely free from all my fears, all my anxiety, all the nightmares I had also.

And yeah, I started to travel and to do things I was afraid to do before. It was so different because now all the things I do and I love, it's those things I was afraid to do before, like traveling, meet new people, sharing my testimony in front of people.

For three years I was traveling with other young christian people in france, and we were sharing our testimony in front of different churches.

The first time I shared my testimony it was in front of 2000 people. When I was sharing my testimony i was like: okay, before I was afraid just to be around with people and now i could share my testimony and speak in front of people. and I was like: wow, but god, you did so big thing in my life.

I was like: oh. It is so interesting to see how god changes situation, because now when I tell my testimony, I know it's my story, but it's like speaking about someone else.

And yeah, I did the three months school with " the last reformation" and we traveled a lot in different countries and during these three months I met a girl who has the same fears and anxiety as I had before.

And we could share together and we could pray for her also and she get delivered from many fears and stuff. And it was so, so beautiful to see how god changes situation and now he can use me, because before i was in this situation and now I can help and pray for people who are in this case too now.

And. Yeah. Therefore, if anyone is in christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 corinthians 5: 17 subtitles by the amara.

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