Needy co-workers and got you down? Why not treat them to some innocent yet hilarious tricks and pranks? And we’ve got even more hilarious pranks comin’ your way! I took the liberty of making you this refreshing drink on this hot spring day.

Aw, that’s sweet! And it’s cran-apple, your favorite. Wanna know how this impossible-to-drink trick is done? Pour your favorite jello mix into a glass. Next, add cold water all the way to the top.

Lastly, grab a spoon and stir it all up! Seriously, stir it for a couple minutes. And don’t forget the last step, popping in a straw.

Now pop that sucker in the fridge and wait for the congealing magic to happen. Once four hours or more have passed, let the trickery begin.

Just like a bowl of jello, this drink isn’t going anywhere. See? Um, what’s up with this drink? Nothing’s coming out! Don’t suck too hard there, mia, your face will get stuck that way! And here I thought you were being a good friend.

It wasn't me. Even if you’re in a hurry, never pass up the opportunity to take part in a little prank action. Well, what do we have here? These potato chips look harmless, right? Well, that’s all about to change once sophia gets her hands on them.

For this prank, you’ll need chips in a can like these. Take a box cutter and carefully cut off the bottom of the can. While keeping the bottom closed, go ahead and stand the can back up to it’s original position.

Shh! I was never here! Alrighty, time to get a head start on that homework! Ooh! I could really use a snack. My favorite flavor — ah! Ooh! Amy just got herself a fresh plate of lap chips.

What a mess! Think I can still salvage some of these? What kind of tricky can is this? Oh well, what’s done is done.

This next prank is a 2-person job. Make sure you’re on the same page before your next victim comes into the picture.

Follow my lead, okay sophia? Here she comes! What’s up, mia? Hey, can I see your straw for a sec? Trust me, I won’t bite.

Okay, here ya go. Abbra cadabra. Alacazam. Count with me: 1…2…3! Hand the straw to your buddy who will quickly plop it back into your friend’s drink.

And, boom. Holy cow! How on earth did you do that, amy? Are you a wizard or something? If being super sneaky means being a wizard, call me harry potter.

Team work makes the dream work! Nothing like a rom-com and big jar of pickles on a friday night! Crunchy! Want one, mia? Just the smell makes all the hairs in my nose twitch! Ah, looks like mia’s got quite a sweet tooth.

Uh oh, looks like sophia is definitely up to something naughty… if you want to do your pickle-hating friends dirty, make them this tasty treat. Stick small to medium sized pickles onto a stick just like this.

Go ahead and give those pickles a chocolate bath! You’d never know this was a plate of chocolate pickles, would you? Don’t forget some colorful sprinkles to really make them look mouth watering.

Hey mia, I made you a special dessert since I know you love chocolate so much! Ooo! I want those things in my mouth, stat! Don’t mind if I do.

Ooh, did you hear that crunch! Oh no…this is the saltiest fruit i’ve ever tasted. Wait a sec- these are pickles! You know I can’t stand the things! Whatcha cookin’ up tonight, mia? Spaghetti? A pot roast? Well one things for sure, you’re really good at slicin’ up those onions.

But what’s a girl to do with all these onion skins? Next time you have a bunch of onion skins lying around while cooking, stick them into a bowl.

Next, pour in some boiling hot water. Go ahead and stir them in there for a minute or so. Ew, this onion water is looking pretty nasty.

Okay, so now what? Oh no…are you going to serve this “onion tea” to someone? Yuck! Pour the hot onion tea into the mug over a strainer so that the skins don’t get in there.

That really does look like your run-of-the-mill chamomile or ginger tea. Bet it doesn’t smell like it though. When you’re getting ready to serve, be sure to bring out a cup of regular tea for yourself so it doesn’t look too suspicious.

And don’t forget the lemon for some added flavor… for amy’s birthday, mia prepared a little tea and sweets snack! How nice… here ya go! Mmm… ick! What is this, armpit tea! I can’t even swallow it! Wow, mia a prank on amy’s birthday? Amy, the clean freak.

Look how happy she is cleaning that shower! Uh oh! Looks like you’re fresh out of windex, there. Hmm…how can I make good use of this empty bottle? For this prank, you’ll need an empty windex spray bottle like this one.

First, fill it on up with some water, swish it around and dump it out. Be sure to thoroughly clean the spout as well, don’t leave any cleaner behind.

You’ll see why in a minute. Once the bottle is all dry and empty, find a sports drink with the same blue color windex has.

Go ahead and pour the drink into the bottle, all the way to the top. Geez, that really looks like windex! Screw the spray top back on and get ready to turn heads with this prank! It’s go time, amy! Okay, that didn’t get sophie’s attention.

Maybe this will… man, all this cleaning makes me thirsty! Amy? You know that’s poison, right? Oh god, i’ve gotta stop her then i’m calling 911! This is windex, isn’t it? Let me see.

It smells like… blueberries? Wait a second… this isn’t windex, is it? That’s it, i’m takin’ a swig! This tastes like that blue sports drink I get after my workouts! Ooh, gotta finish up this assignment before class starts! Oh good, sophia’s here.

I gotta tell her if she wants to study after school today. Oh, it’s that crisp $50 dollar bill she’s lookin’ at.

While taking money is always tempting, it’s never right to steal, especially from your friends. Um, mia, talkin’ about you here… want to teach your friend a lesson? Try this sneaky ploy.

Quietly drop their money next to them on the floor. Wait, what was that? Did she drop something? Mia, you dropped a $50-dollar bill! Did you notice? Oh! Thanks so much for catching that! You’re such a good friend, sophia.

Take it as a thank you, it’s yours after all. What? Oh no! It’s gone! Yeah, i’ll take it, you sneaky little snake. Is it just me, or can you not get enough of these hilarious pranks? Well, if these little hijinks didn’t give you a case of the giggles, just wait ’til you see our bloopers.

You’re welcome. What crazy pranks have you played on your besties — and were they still your friend afterward? For more great prank ideas and videos, be sure to subscribe to 123go’s youtube channel, and don’t forget to share this one with your buds! Until next time, prank on, friends!.

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