Childhood Crushes 2

This video is the continuation of my first childhood crushes video where I discussed with two friends about their childhood fictional male crushes so if you

end up liking this video and haven't watched that one yet I recommend giving it a watch after this one today we'll be exploring the girl crush side with err old

story and dittus hope you enjoy listen lola bunny that doesn't make me afraid listen you're not a furry okay lola bunny is an exception everyone knows that

okay i'm sick and tired i'm sick and tired of everyone being called a furry when there's lola bunny well lola bunny is topped here okay also have a crush on

roxanne from the goofy movie and she's an anthropomorphic dog okay listen there's only two exceptions okay i'll take that i'll take that bullet oh my god I

just want you know people out there who are too afraid to admit that they like lola bunny because they're gonna be called a furry i'm there for you wait okay were

you one of those people who had a crush on nala from the lion king oh all right we're gonna choose a topic to envy teddy's because i'm getting blasted to be fair I feel

like every little boy had a crush on those three characters though you know who else I i feel i've noticed it's kind of like a popular girl crush from

everyone's childhood winry winry okay here's the thing so so much to say oh i'm not a 1d guy but her window her mechanic outfit though well you know when we go

talk on your own with you supreme over home you know grandma military dog she's a sniper what emily did you talk about the inuyasha series and you're in

your last video no really okay sango from inu yasha bad the boomerang no yeah I had that she had red eye makeup is pretty hard I get why that is he's so sad I

was so ready to geek out about inuyasha starfire his older sister yeah when she was first introduced I was like oh my god it's starfire but not like a nice

girl and her hair is black big-titty got gf altered sister the episode that she was featured like she tried to like take robin yeah and I think that just that

just awoken something in me even further ado died was like oh my god she's so is serious what are some old series but before the 2000s died is that like what

girls awoke something within you when I was in the crib say sailor venus sailor venus I love all I remember you're gonna say more weight so I was a mars guy titus

was um venus I think when I was a kid my favorite was jupiter how could you disrespect jupiter like that i'm not into ponytail that's probably why what taste excuse

the athletic girl aesthetic not at all like in the dad cap with the ponytail coming up the that's like honestly one of the hottest things that you could ever do

yeah it's incredible oh oh okay okay I got I got I i think that I have a topic first okay okay okay pokemon well I was an officer jason you like nurse joy or

officer jenny better officer i'm a nurse joy well okay i'm biased I like pink soccer she was like built to attract emily you were into soccer yes she pulls out

like the line isn't it oh my god soccer at least you could put up a fight and she's as strong as a tsunade all right what does her now to do what does she do

besides scream now i'm at idle oh my god I love you noted you'd okay why do I like hinata better but no I know I like your bed please I want to hear it please

explain I don't it's a feeling in my heart bro it's though it isn't that what is it all about no listen is it because oh my god all jane is cute from tarzan no

okay here's the thing about jane okay see they put a big dress and then they reveal her in a tank top and it's like it was it's over from there you know it's

like a little tease oh this is the reason why they have strict dress code rules emily do you like tarzan you think he's hot but yeah I like to lad and he was

pretty you all you like the lab ready yeah that makes me so happy lines like wrapping brown boys wait shang shang you're like saying more than shangri says a

lot aw dude I gotta go ash a way okay I just realized that this is about girl crushes I mean all disney girls are pretty hot I mean as marella is the hottest

one who physically I think dragon ball when that girl transforms and she goes crazy oh my lunch is that her name when she wanders something she goes nuts yeah she

had two names she was hot she's fired oh my god sorry android 18 yeah android 18 oh mike bob cut now oh bob cut icon I agree ball oh my god are top tier and like

the type of girl that just like she like doesn't care about you but she like really cares about you only dude oh my god you were crillon yeah the strongest

character in dragon ball z it wasn't goku it was curling my dean he just gave up martial arts he really did I won't be grilling crows the best sorry you're

saying I don't know if you guys watch the show because i'm such a weeb degenerate but a code geass calendar what dude koki haces fire do you like allen or the

green haired chick do you see two versus calling oh my god good colin colin is my girl dude but colin got this you got the but you didn't watch oh hey sorry we

just like we just hated emily only watch like how's the counter punch to the surge chump tydeus in 2003 I was literally in kindergarten yeah oh my god you

only like two years older than me I know but you are you looking down on me the second oh oh here's another thing freakin and bleach oh yo brew kiyah bleach

rukia yeah hey I tried watching bleach and I couldn't get into it I got bored okay so bleach is a dead top um okay naruto I don't know anybody naruto though yeah

like sasuke I thought all females like songs gay he was rude yeah I thought girls like the bad boys no like that oh wait so then you must have loved itachi yeah yeah

you had right come on every girl loves to talk you know I know maybe she's not into dudes that kill the whole logic hammock exceptions can I can I mention

that a non anime girl crush again I hear that I really like your voice hold on what's up missus incredible yeah gillian yeah I can kind of yeah yeah watch that

compilation oh I just remembered something guys although I feel like I was going to watch this what gundam seed gundam see we don't like mecha we should just

make emily watch gundam see okay katie that reminds me of something guys that's rough buddy is that ringing any bells for anybody yeah here's zuko is hot

on the market yeah what are you getting watch wait oh that's a good idea i'm gonna guess it's a zoo you know why I was pretty to crazy girls because you go i'm

gonna kiss i'm gonna get status into into top yeah well not only that I see this too is between azula to dynast did you like azula's like teammates like kylie

and me yeah do not like the girl that does the night girl I love the one with the braided ponytail I don't know who she is but she's really cute oh my god that's so

on brand of you because she's like the airhead dumb she's a girl right yeah no no but she's like she's like airhead she's like airhead okay well whatever

series you name the eggs it doesn't matter cuz ellie didn't watch it wait you don't know that okay cuz like yoko did you watch that though like the mic just

speaks I didn't like the art style for a lot of shown in titles like shaman king I hated how that looks on me king hell yeah I love saw the king saw the

king you guys are gonna flame me for this so there's ren right yes the guy with a dread name is jun I remember that and she's gorgeous oh you what I did watch

what did you watch emily I love how the art style is so cute and then the story gets so dark yo can we talk about the the fingernail scene no harry potter

I haven't seen alright gentlemen i'd like to thank you both for joining me today you're welcome before we end this conversation i'd like to mention one last

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feel free to check it out if you're interested so this is the longest video i've ever uploaded and the for that is i'll be going to a bunch of conventions

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anime expo from july 4th to the 7th vidcon from july 10 to the 13th san diego comic-con from july 18th to the 21st and ana munga as a featured guest from

august 2nd to the 4th so if you see me at any of these 4 cons please say hi and might vlog I don't know i'm not very good at recording things on the spot so

we'll see thank you for watching and i'll see you again soon

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