Vet Student Q&A - 5 Tips For Surviving Vet School and More on My Experience as a Veterinarian

Hey everyone, its dr. Mike the bow tie vet guy. Today i'm going to answer some of your questions about being a veterinarian i'm going to a the crap out of your q's.

Well you got in to vet school. You're a hard worker and you're at least somewhat smart. So you've got that going for you good job but you're now going to a place where everybody is a hard worker and everybody is smart be okay with a little bit of failure.

Work hard, but know that there are times when you are just going to wiff and that is okay that is part of the learning process be okay with failure. Find your tribe.

Nobody gets through vet school alone. Well probably almost nobody. There are there might be a few like really really smart people and you will find them. Those are the people that the smartest people usually the smartest people in the room go, " aw god" that's what that's what really smart people are like.

But for the rest of us mere mortals you're going to need help. You're going to need help studying and being motivated. So find your tribe.

Have fun. Find time to do something even if it is related to veterinary medicine. Whether it's putting on a petting zoo for charity. Or a 5k race for a local shelter. Find something to do that's fun but not just sitting down and studying.

When you're an undergraduate you definitely have a set amount of school work that you have to do and you have to get through that but I would suggest that everybody read as much as they can about as many different things as they can.

There are a lot of books now about not just animal training but also cognition in dogs is a big thing that's been in the news a lot lately.

So you can learn more than just the medicine and actually learn a little bit more about what your patients you know, to be, will be thinking and feeling. Even, since I started being a veterinarian we've changed what we thought about training techniques.

We've changed what we thought about we've learned new things about flea biology I mean so the more you can read about any of these things the more knowledge we're going to have and the better we're going to be able to answer questions that people have.

So keep reading things. Keep reading new things and read them with a critical eye. Fifth thing don't be afraid to try new things. You may have thought when you were going in that you were going to be a large-animal veterinarian and work on cows and only cows and then you get there and you're super interested in birds.

Never been around birds but birds rock. Don't be afraid to go out there and try it and maybe you'll be a bird vet. Who knows? When I was in vet school, I was the person who was involved in everything.

Doing those things, helped me keep my sanity. Especially in the beginning when I wasn't working with animals right away and I was just sitting and studying and studying and that is not how I learn.

Through my first 2-3 years, I was a b and c student in vet school. And then we got into the last year's, which were more clinical and I just blossomed.

That was where it really hit home for me. I remember things a lot better when there was a case involved and as soon as there was a case involved i'm not forgetting it.

I will remember everything now to the day I die. And it surprised a lot of my professors because they taught the first year you know, medicine classes and they knew exactly how well I did.

And then I would get into clinics and they'd be asking questions and i'd be like oh it's hydroxyurea and they'd be like how did you know? You didn't know that when you took the test.

How do you know it now? I'm like, cuz you said it about the dog, three weeks ago the little white dog with a person who had the hearing aid.

And they're like, oh okay, so you're a situation learner you remember things that way. So find out how you learn. You don't necessarily need a degree to go to veterinary school.

It helps you to get in every school has their different criteria that they need. But at iowa state, I just had to take my prerequisites and then I could apply.

Even if I didn't have a degree. Now most people aren't going to get in until they get their degree but my grades were good enough in undergrad that I got early admission.

So when I was about to graduate vet school, my family like to make fun of me and say oh you're a high school graduate that's nice. The next day I was a doctor but you know, whatever.

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