There are a lot of challenges with all of the homeless pets out there from needing to spay and neuter pets to education but two really big challenges are awareness and also just the cost of

adoption so what if I told you that there's a day that helps tackle those two things a day where a shelter or shelters come together to raise awareness and get pets adopted oh and by

the way those adoption fees are covered today is empty the shelter and event put on by bissell pet foundation and over some seventy rescues are all coming together this one happens to be in grand

rapids and and throughout michigan and and we're gonna try to empty the shelter and so i'm gonna go and help and work with families that might be looking for that family pet and now's a perfect time

to do it because the awareness was raised and and bissell's covering the cost of those pets today is gonna be an amazing day and i'm glad to have you guys along let's go check it out okay

all right do the same now if you want a dog you come back bissell the company is kind enough to open up their warehouse for shelters to come in to bring all of their animals so that you can see all

the different dogs and cats that are available for adoption so that's what's happening today so far there are already 23 adoptions so it's going good and I mean look there are dogs just like this

who's this brochure and brochures hi how old's ambrosius six years old okay hi thank you hey thanks for the kisses and you are you fostering her okay so tell me your name my name is stevie okay

stevie why how did you get involved in foster tell that again you did why I brought a house for what I could posture doc okay a lot of people buy a house because it's a good investment or

because you know all kinds of different reasons but you bought out specifically so you could foster dogs you are my hero okay that's awesome right and how long have you been fostering her not two

years i've been fostering her for four months okay and but you've been fostering for two years yeah how many pets have you fostered in that time probably a little over fifty fifty that

is so awesome okay all right well so what what would you tell people that are considering fostering what some advice it's a lot easier than you think just think of it as your toxicity okay okay

so this is ambrosia and she's up for adoption oh good girl so I mean you could take a sweet pup home like this if you're out in michigan and you want to come to empty the shelters or if empty

the shelter comes to your town and and it's in all kinds of towns that they were in phoenix they were in new york so I mean amazing pups like this hi I gotta tell you they're finishing up a scene

right there I just worked with anna who's 11 years old and is heavily involved in rescue and she got started because her and her neighbor just loved animals and so they just jumped in they

volunteered at the rescue and we just told that story on it'll be on the show hidden heroes but how awesome is that I mean if you if you're a kid and you want to get started I get emailed this

question and people ping me on instagram and facebook all the time too I hate I want to get started but i'm just a kid how do I get started and it's a perfect example you just reach out to your local

shelter and get going how is the day going great how many dogs or cats have you tried to fit in your suitcase wow there's not too many that could fit in this bag I think I could definitely fit

a kitten in there anna and I have been fostering together for four years okay not wait are you anna's neighbor yes I was talking about yes because I was asking her how she got involved at such

a young age and she said you guys just love pets and yes we we're close with the families that is so awesome and how's she doing she's a superstar today she's a mere media mogul I love it

already you've already got two cats adopted out right yeah how many more you gonna get adopted a no he was talking about your masters yeah yeah well hopefully all of them five okay keep it

up it was great meeting you both all right thank you fell in love huh she's so sweet and she's gonna move to chicago okay well you're here volunteering today right that's how it has to keep its

heaven can wait animal favor and you guys are based out of michigan michigan house today going for you it's going really well so far well as long as little kittens like that keep getting

adopted right that's bubba you just got adopt it and he's going home wait how many more need to go home how did I start write to this one that's awesome good work so many dogs are getting

adopted that was just bubba that you saw that is now going into a loving home with with kids and it's gonna it's gonna be awesome so it's really great saying things like that are you excited is this

your first dog okay so this is your second dog do you have a dog at home right now long time ago what's the first thing you're gonna do with bubba when you get home play with him awesome okay

so bub is going home they tell everyone about today well what is today people are coming from all over to adopt to choose adoption first and and make a second chance for these animals when did

you start the bissell pet foundation I started it and okay and how many years have you done the empty the shelter this will we're a year and a half okay until any but it's all over the nation now

right yeah we're spotlighting certain parts of the country and doing little satellite and for the shelter events just to test our hand in it okay how can they help donations every penny counts

and 100% the donation goes to the animals 100% that is pretty cool so so how it works is if you're a family and you want to adopt a dog but that back and the price can add up or a cat you

come in here and the bissell pet foundation covers the adoption fees for that animal right so even if you can't adopt a pet if you just click that link below and go donate a couple dollars

that goes to help that cause because then more pets gonna be a doctor okay you guys click that link down below we're gonna go keep working the event and okay we're getting dogs adopted cats

adopted the all the different shelters that are here are our filling out applications with families that are interested it's awesome the crews here they're awesome it just it's all awesome

there's a lot more happening so make sure you watch the next video tomorrow to see the rest of the day and did we in fact empty the show okay I want to know have you adopted a pet did you adopt a

pet at a shelter or were you part of an empty the shelter event how did you get your pet I love for you to share that with me put it down in the comments below and I will respond to every single

one of you that I possibly can

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