VENOM EXTRACTION - Centipede Bite Aftermath!

I'm coyote peterson. And i'm about to be bitten by the giant desert centipede. (Anxious intense music) here we go. (Painful screaming) (panting and sobbing) just, cut the, cut the cameras, cut the cameras, we gotta get this venom extracted, we gotta get this out of my arm! (Yells) (intense drumming music) i'm rolling cameras.

I'm rolling, i'm rolling. Um, mario, here. Can you turn on the satellite phone just in case? I'm gonna get this venom extractor out. (Coyote sobbing and grunting) oh, my gosh, guys, okay.

(Yells) tourniquet or no tourniquet? Ah yeah, use the, gimme, i just want to like so you can. I think i'm gonna vomit. Okay. (Groans) let's put the camera down. Oh my gosh, this is really bad.

Alright, mario, you're gonna have to keep rolling on this, we've got the gopro going too. Okay. - that is spreading, right? It is spreading, it is spreading.

Now we have never used a venom extractor before in an episode, guys, and ah. It is so painful right now, and given the isolation of where I was bitten, and when I was bitten by a gila monster in my film, we couldn't use a venom extractor.

I'm gonna try and see if we can't suck some of that venom out of my, out of my forearm. Ah, the pain is so bad i actually was almost in tears.

I'm gonna try that. - cut camera for, (yells). I'm gonna try and just get some of this off, so I don't wanna put venom back in there.

Yep yep yep, you can actually see the venom seeping out of the edge of my arm, now look at the welt, it is swelling. And now if a centipede attacks a prey, yeah, I can feel-- - item-- it's swelling bad. (groaning) okay, so there's two, there's two sites.

There's site one, site two, do you know which was first? No, no, the one up front was the first one, and then it tucked its head back and it bit again, and actually you can see the black and blue mark there.

I actually think that second spot injected more venom, so what you wanna do is yeah, cuff down on that. I think i, i think I can get them all.

You may be able to get it all. Mario, you got a tight shot on that? (Yelling) (yelling more painfully) aaah, my gosh, that's only making it hurt worse! (Muffled scream) let it do the work.

Oh my gosh, that's crazy, you can actually see the venom coming up through the holes where the fangs went let's see if you can zoom in on that. (Grunting) you gotta tell us if you feel like you gotta get out of here.

We'll get you out of here. (Heavy breathing) okay. Like the gila monster bite, it comes in waves of pain. Right now, i'm at a down trend in the pain. Now, (screams), waves of pain, guys.

Okay, let's take this off. Yeah you're going, no, you have to unlock it. Okay, unlock it. (exclaims painfully) I gotta, I gotta put my camera down, hang on. Here we go, ready? Yeah yeah yeah.

okay, let me know if you're gonna take it down. (Yells) okay, zoom in on that. You can definitely see the venom.

Oh my gosh, you can see the destruction in the arm right there, see how black and blue it's already turning? It is not, aah, it is not as bad as the gila monster.

In the sense that the gila monster sliced through my thumb and opened me up. But this, absolutely eclipses any insect sting i have ever taken. It makes the bullet ant feel like a bee sting.

It makes thirty bee stings to the face feel like putting on facial moisturizer. This is the most intense pain I have been in since the gila monster, and in this moment, I am regretting being bitten by the giant desert centipede, guys.

I do have this tourniquet on me just lightly placed, you don't ever wanna place a tourniquet down too tightly, 'cause if you do, all you're doing is forcing your heart to beat faster and that venom to pump through your system quicker.

Now okay, i'm gonna wipe that back, we're gonna put the extractor on a second time. Is it pins and needles pain? Or is it-- - ah, no, it is searing pain.

It is, someone has taken a hot poker and shoved it into my forearm. My arm is in a state of paralysis right now, I cannot move my hand at all.

My arm is swollen taut. (Painful panting) let's do a second extraction here. Ready? - yeah yeah yeah yeah! This actually hurts really bad just to do this, ready? One, two, three. (screaming) the venom extractor just puts so much isolated pain right in that area.

(Yells) (panting) is it subsiding? (Pants) now the venom from the giant desert centipede has a cocktail of potency. And that cocktail's called cytolysis.

And right now, what's happening is that venom is attacking my red blood cells and it is breaking them apart, and that is the pain that i am feeling right now.

And trust me when I say, it is unbelievably intense. (Groans) let's take off the venom extractor. Alright, to do that i gotta turn this and just unlock it, right? Okay, ready? (camera man muttering) (groans) oh yeah, you can definitely see there's some residual venom coming out.

Okay, let me get a shot of that with the gopro. Man. There is a lot of venom, actually. Man, that is painful. (Panting) it is easily as bad as I imagined.

Oh my gosh. It is, I take the tourniquet off your arm. Yeah, it's alright, go ahead, take that off, take that off.

Ready? - yeah. One-two-three. There's you guys. Oh, man. First time we ever had to use the venom extractor. The venom seems to have stopped at about the area where we had the tourniquet, which is good.

I do believe that the venom extractor helped. And right now, all i wanna do is simply get out of the hot desert sun and into an air conditioned environment. All I can say is this guys, if you ever come across one of these myriapods in the wild, simply admire it from a very safe distance.

Do not try to catch it, do not try to handle it, because take my word for it, this pain is absolutely unbelievably intense. You do not want to be bitten by this animal.

I'm coyote peterson, be brave, stay wild, we'll see you on the next adventure. If you ever have an encounter with a giant desert centipede in the wild, it's important to remember that these animals do their best to avoid humans.

And interactions, let alone bites, are incredibly rare. As the hours pass by, my arm continued to throb. And the worst part of it all, was that with every wave that rushed through my body, the pain was only intensified.

Several hours into the ordeal, i threw up the white flag and requested medical treatment for the bite. This was the first time that my mind and body were unable to endure the pain of a bite or a sting.

It was truly that bad. Alright, guys, well it has been 30 hours since I was bitten by the giant desert centipede. (Screams) now that you've seen me go through this, hopefully you will truly take away a message that is, you simply admire these things from a safe distance.

I do not want to see pictures out there on instagram or facebook or snapchat of anybody handling one of these myriapods. Guys, i'm tough, right? We know that, i've got a high pain tolerance, but this? Put me over the edge.

It is more pain that i have ever been in. You can see it in my face, i am exhausted right now. I have not slept in 36 hours, and it's a pain that i couldn't stop.

That was the scariest part, is when the pain was taking over my arm, all the way up into my shoulder, I couldn't stop it and it was only becoming worse.

In all of my time filming episodes for the brave wilderness channel, I have not once gone to see a doctor after a bite or sting. The giant desert centipede put me in urgent care.

That's how serious it is. In the end, was facing my fear of being bitten by this nightmare of a creature worth it? (Screaming) well. At first as I rolled around on the ground in agonizing pain, i would've told you no.

(Screaming) however, now that the pain is long gone and all that remains are the haunting memories, I would actually have to say that yes, it was worth it.

Because together we learned about the giant desert centipede. And most importantly, how bad the bite really is. If you are ever unfortunate enough to be bitten by one of these animals, seek medical treatment immediately.

As for me, i'm sure that some of you still think I am absolutely crazy. But at least I can now proudly say that what was once my fear of centipedes has now evolved into a newfound fascination and respect for one of the planet's creepiest creatures.

If you thought extracting venom from my arm looked painful, make sure to go back and watch where the chaos began as I was bitten by the giant desert centipede. (Screaming in agony) hey, coyote pack! I have some exciting news.

(Audience screaming) i'm proud to announce that the crew and I will be back on tour in 2018 with brave wilderness live, vising cities all across north america.

Our first shows are I anaheim and san diego, california. From there we head to phoenix, arizona. Beyond that, we will be visiting san francisco, california; portand, oregon; seattle, washington; and boulder, colorado.

With many more shows to be announced in the coming months. Tickets can be purchased at the brave wilderness website, so make sure to reserve your seats today. And don't forget, subscribe, so you can enjoy me and the crew on this season of breaking trail.

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