Макросъемка муравьев в 4k / Ants in macro 4k / Хорошие новости / Good news

Hi man in this video, insects can eat other insects if you do not like it get out of here, be so kind thank you hello everyone, today the issue will be good, positive, there will be only good news, but next I will tell you what troubles I have had in the last month, so sign and click on the bell to not miss.

And so we begin. Camponotus nicobarensis, in april this year my colony will be a year. And formikary gl crystal is almost completely hammered by ants, all floors are open, all the wet chambers are teeming with ants.

There is a lot of brood. In general, these ants well, very quickly develop, I knew this, of course, but I thought that they would fill the year 2, but that was not it.

I feed them with syrup once a week somewhere, just on weekends. I give them a syrup in several calls, drink quite a lot. What about the protein. I do not give much fodder objects, 2-3 cockroaches per week, yes it is so much, and with such feeding they grow very fast, you can imagine how the colony will develop if access to the animal protein is permanent, I do not.

Once they made a small escape, I stupidly did not close the lid of the formica. It is not easy to catch such fugitives, they are very fast running, it is difficult but possible, but interesting.

I like to listen to these ants, they are very cool abreast of abdominals on acrylic when they throw an object at the arena, if you are interested, I can write down these very tapping, i'll have to be confused, oh well, I like doing this, according to the number of likes and comments about this, I can assess the situation.

So now let's move on to camponotus turkestanus. I love these ants. I consider them the most beautiful ants in my collection. Yes, and the development they finally went. There were 2 new workers and 3 more on the way.

Also a pack of eggs and different sizes of larvae. It's a pleasure to watch them. If you look at the worker's drinking syrup, you can directly see how the syrup passes through the body of murash directly into the abdomen.

Actively eat both carbohydrates and protein. I really, really want to raise this colony, I look forward to the soldiers, although before that I still have to wait a long time.

This colony in the summer will be a year, and you can ask, why so few ants then? The fact is that initially the queen raised few workers, and soon diapause was completely gone and some of the workers died in this same period.

This is the fundamental difficulty of raising this species, the main thing is that they survive the first diapause and then everything should go like clockwork.

Scorpio. I was foreshadowed by death, that without a sting, he could not eat, could not defecate, and would soon die. I hasten to disappoint you, he is alive, he eats, he defecates, he even sheds.

He grew up well, looks pretty cool. There are no problems with feeding, I squeeze the cockroach, and I put next to them. After a while, he selects the cockroach and begins to absorb it, it's simpler.

I think with him and everything will be fine and periodically he will appear on the channel. Messor structur, I did not think that the formation of the formica would take so long, and the fact is that I have not done it yet, it was more complicated than I thought.

I have already spent more than 10 kg of gypsum, and I can not do what I want, shoot about this video, as I do formik, I even started, but when I started the third time all over again, I already scored and better then show the finished version and i'll tell you how I did it.

So the messersors are doing well, the colony continues to grow and make me happy. There are practically no problems with them.

There are small shoots, but this is so, nothing. The venators. These reptiles have arranged years in the apartment. When male males flied in the house, it was almost unnoticeable, but here the males of the venators are something.

How loud they fought against the windows and light bulbs. It's a pity the poor fellow, but what to do. So with them everything seems to be all right, but who knows that some males are born alone and somehow experience a little suddenly the hamergat is already dead and the colony begins to outlive the latter.

Wait and see. As for the rest of my ants everything is bad there, but this is already in the next video. Thank you all for watching iai though wait, i've got an euplatformar here, see what a beauty, who will define a morph, then do it all, bye for now..

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