Hermione stepped on a cruel coyote trap and suffered for days until a miracle happened!

Let's go get it to eat more from your hand cut a patter to scratch her chin okay good girl come on oh my barbaric tool often she cuts it there on the tree and see there's

no way for her to even walk into a trap this way it's too sunny so there's a house here and she is right here under this bush here where the tree is and here there is a fence

so there's a fence here enclosing this and there's a fence here enclosing this and this is the road just walk the walk to your left what do you left you walk to your

left everybody walk a little bit to the left it's his death okay let's cross bar check what around your wrist hurry up hurry up rip stop chomping okay okay just a

just a everybody's big all the way to the fence all the way to the fence it's okay lorillard you can't answer no you're not good there oh wait wait okay okay wait wait wait

gonna sit up wait-wait-wait okay good girl yes hey hey get me the other stick please hurry up leave by the tree there good girl okay let's just add this one please good

girl okay let's just go load your targets if I sit low well that ends a week I know hold her for one second you guys holding her right never you put the whole thing

around your wrist that's one down yes hey you okay right good girl okay just want to see our age kind of helps me predict our behavior one two three eldad get her foot it's

it's holding up on a foot yeah i'm going to let the furball todd will you give her a little talk okay i'm gonna get an ac on i've got it off a little bit right now

which have to blanket floor check y'all got her now thank you everybody I owe you forever you have no idea okay there we go oh companies yeah or else we would get a

warning from the car you've arrived at your destination okay so i'm gonna pull her with you a little bit and then okay all right i'll just hold her like this torchic

got something for your leg out shepard there we go good so you wanna check let's see how this thing goes takes me more force than I thought this thing is loose the other

one is not she's asleep right she is do we have any wd-40 yeah okay that's it ready one two three four oh awesome job okay all right okay say this is probably not going to do

what's gone too much damage and too much necrosis she's so real I don't think you diana see no you can give that idea god I love her good keys she used if it's

it's unbelievable i've seen it a few injured dogs in my life just in all three four it's gonna be on youtube so then we see hopefully you got the this one toast days yeah

and you get the pad and making I think you can save the leg okay come on e what do you look nervous oh gonna walk let's just see what you see okay let's go come on i'm

gonna take off i'm gonna take this thing off going go for a walk oh my god this is so crazy hermione leave vicky alone oh my god we're go for a walk breakfast

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