Czech Jet system 🐠 Aquarium setup 🦐 Nano-Bodenfilter

Hello and welcome to my channel. Today my new project: so today it's about the renewal of a 30 liter aquarium. First of all, I built the soil filter.

The air lift according to czech principle consists of a 16mm pvc pipe and is glued with tangit the intake pipe I have prepared with 5mm holes and here I experimented on a new outlet, more on that later.

Which materials I have used you can see in the description and how to build a czech airlift yourself you can see in the video in the info box.

For gluing I use only aquarium silicone and pvc glue. First of all, a completely different problem: limescale on the aquarium disc. The aquarium was operated with hard berlin tap water and after a short time are nasty spots on the glass.

No problem, all you need is a lemon. Strong rubbing. And a sharp razor blade the glass must not be dry otherwise you can scratch the aquarium. So rub with the lemon again and again.

Works smoothly even if the project management still looks a bit skeptical hurry up ! Rub the lemon with the sponge, boiling, rinse. Done. Like new! Now it's time to glue the intake pipe from the soil filter, with aquarium silicone the airlift I have attached with cable ties and suction cup attached to the side window, very important that the airlift is not firmly installed and can be replaced if necessary and cleaned this leads me to the next step, the zeolite, I rinse it with hot water beforehand to reduce the germ density furthermore, I have here mangrove wood, which is only watered and not boiled a tiger's eye stone as decoration, some moss and a few plants the zeolite is spread around the intake pipe after the silicone has dried and is intended to prevent the substrate from being sucked in then I spread the active substrate over the zeolite and the intake pipe, about 4 cm high.

With the intake pipe we transform the complete active ground into a aquarium filter, into a soil filter in which massive bacteria can settle the ground should not be too high otherwise it is difficult to remove the air lift without clogging the intake pipe tiger eye, roots and plants are inserted of course very important for the nano basin, the oxydator.

Preventive, i've installed a co2 topper even though I do not really need it yet. And again I say: water march. In my case, osmosis water around the 300 tds I connected the air lift to my compressor, I also regulate the water flow through the undergravel filter.

In that case a slight flow is enough because with the mobile hmf reactor I will set is the small basin over-filtered anyway which should just interest shrimp grower now something to the water outlet.

Here closed and with 5 mm holes on one side. Here a classic outlet with 60 degrees beveled, runs very smoothly, as usual the new outlet runs not quite as fluid, but I like it very well and last but not least another variant: the standard outlet with three 3mm holes, currently my favorite.

But if you close the front end happens that… so it all runs quite round, the ground should not have been much higher here you can also see my hmf reactor again that's it from me again, if you liked the video leave me one of your thumbs, if you have not subscribed yet, do it now, activate the bell and do not forget to feed your animals from me.

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