After This 2 Year Old Boy Disappeared, Police Followed Paw Prints Leading Into The Woods

Williams family home lay on pete hickman road on the outskirts of saucier a small town in harrison county mississippi with a population of some 1,300

people it's in a wooded area and is close to a river in a creek and the search party was all too aware of the potential dangers that face the child who was described

as being nonverbal indeed the rural setting of the home dramatically increased the chances that william might be injured perhaps even fatally in the wild

surroundings he might be attacked by stray dogs or other animals and with a creek and the biloxi river close by he could easily fall in and drown in the

meantime though it seemed like there was no trace of him that was until investigators found paw prints leading into the woods it would be a race

against time to find the toddler our greatest concern was that he was 2 years old and he was lost harrison county sheriff troy peterson told the sun herald with the

autism he couldn't speak he couldn't hear us he couldn't answer us he couldn't make noises so we could hear him we didn't know if he was going to drown in the creek

or if he had come into contact with an animal that would hurt him or a stray dog william had last been seen asleep in his bed at 6: 30 a.M. When his father

anthony odom left for work leaving the boy's mother chelsie noble in the house williams absence was discovered when chelsey woke up to find the door wide

open and william gone chelsea soon alerted eerie murray williams great-uncle as to what had happened eery searched his yard in the nearby river and woods but

failed to find the child it was then that the family contacted the emergency services at around 10: 30 a.M. Some 40 people would join the resulting search

assisted by trained dog units and a helicopter the group's greatest anxiety was that william would make his way to the creek and he'd been there before with his

great-uncle I walked down there with the children myself just for exercise peary explained to the son harold my first thought was that he went off in the

woods or in the river by himself due to the significant number of bodies of water in the vicinity the mississippi department of wildlife fisheries and parks

and gulf coast search and rescue took part in the search after several hours though they still hadn't found william however at 3: 15 p.M. Around 8 hours after

william was thought to have gone missing someone spotted something 10 year-old blake carroll was on his way home from saucer elementary school after getting down

from the school bus he heard a horn honking and blake decided to investigate what he found would end the search for william the source of the noise was a

parked white nissan frontier truck that was a five-minute walk from where the search party was looking for william a dog was prowling around the vehicle and

scratching at its exterior and inside the truck was william blake sought help and soon brought his uncle to the scene the man forced open the trucks window and

looked in and he found william alive and well inside the vehicle and the animal pacing around the truck was none other than the family dog jezebel she'd

stayed with william during his trek through the woods and seemed to have made sure that he came to no harm the paw prints that led from the house and into the woods

belonged not to a predator but to jezebel county sheriff troy peterson noted how the pair had stuck together william probably walked three or four miles

through the woods and his dog stayed right by his side until he got in the car the sheriff told the sun herald with the grid we were searching it would have been

another hour and a half before we searched the area where he was found speaking to the kansas city star he said every time we found his footprint we found the dog

footprint right beside him so the dog traveled with him all day when the little boy was found the dog was still circling the truck and scratching on the truck

after a cheerful reunion with her son noble spoke to people about the boys bond with the family dog ever since she was a puppy they've been really close

she said he loves feeding her he loves bathing her that's his dog after this I believe there's no changing that part she saved my baby her and that little boy

saved his life after what must have been an epic journey for a two-year-old william had apparently climbed inside the truck and fallen fast asleep he was

treated for scratches and heat exhaustion but he was otherwise in good health blake carol the boy who had found william was hailed as a hero he was treated to

burgers and chocolate cake by a school principal and he was praised for showing great responsibility

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