An Elephant Calf Gets Washed Away In A Canal, Gets Saved By Heroes

Sri lanka has a massive network of canals which carry water through the main areas that help agricultural activities. These asian wild elephants that roam freely through the jungles towards human villages close to their habitats but those who roam freely get into trouble very often when they go out looking for new water sources etc.

This asian elephant calf that got stuck inside a canal near its floodgates. Villagers and the wildlife officers gathered around the canal floodgates to get the elephant away from the gates.

With such high pressure, it was a very difficult task. They used a couple of large ropes in this matter to take this elephant away from the gates, towards the climbable surface. With the little elephant struggling and its inability to understand the situation, most of those efforts went without any results.

Slowly but gradually they made progress with the situation. Finally, they took the little elephant out and was successful with the rescue mission. They will be taking this little elephant to a conservation area kept for elephants in the country.

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