Facts About Fostering a Cat! Should You Foster a Cat and Why?

Thanks for watching guys I hope that you found these facts about firtsiffiiatsu about fostering- bleh. Hi guys welcome back to the channel and here over in uk it's pretty hot at the moment so me and ragsy are here in the summer house to try and cool off and bring you this week's vlog now this week i'm going to be telling you some facts about fostering cats now a lot of people like to foster cats for many different reasons and some people don't even know what it means so i'm going to give you some facts and some tips about if you're thinking about fostering first of all what is fostering well fostering is giving a homeless cat a temporary home until they find their forever home it might be that the shelter they are at is overbooked and they have no more room at the inn now this is really important as you have the chance to rehabilitate a cat and in turn means that they are much more likely to be adopted fostering cats also frees up space to a shelter so that they can rescue more animals but fostering also helps with a cat who may not do well in environments such as a shelter so one with multiple animals or too much

noise or too much stress it's a win-win that sort of situation really number two fostering won't cost you a penny in most cases if not all the shelter that you're fostering from will cover all costs in when it comes to your looking after the cat so that means food a litter tray toys even any medical expenses or anything that they need to get done at the vet and also transportation well obviously if you have a cat you're fostering of a few cats you're fostering and you want to spoil them rotten with toys and treats obviously you can go ahead and do that but any costs that you incur with fostering an animal it is completely covered by the shelter so that again is a great thumbs up for fostering a cat number three it is a good practice so if you are umming and ahhing about getting a forever pet why not try fostering one not only will this help a shelter out but it can help you get some experience as a pet owner now this will help you make a decision if you could commit long-term to a forever cat or if it's something that you're not sure you're ready for number four fostering it gives a special needs kitties a chance now

there are a few cats in shelters and quite often people who do foster cats do tend to go towards cats with special needs or who have had some sort of injury trauma or surgery now a lot of these cats need extra care extra attention and someone to give them medication on a regular basis now shelters are absolutely fantastic but if they are overrun or they are very particular busy they might not have the time or all the resources to dedicate to that one special cat quite often cats and kittens who do have special needs are the last to get adopted so a lot of people who foster full-time do tend to gravitate towards cats who have special needs not only is this beneficial to the cats they get all the care and attention that they need but it can be so so rewarding as well and finally almost anyone can foster now if you are of an adult age or you are a family you can almost certainly foster if you are an adult or a family you have space the time the patience and the passion to look after a cat either short-term or long-term then you can foster a cat there is no upper age limit on fostering an animal and you can do it on and many

of your own terms so you can foster on a short-term basis a long-term basis multiple cats and a mother cat with kittens or even a senior kitty-zen there are fostering options to accommodate almost every setup so if you have any questions regarding that just ask your local shelter thanks for watching guys i hope that you found these facts about fostering fun and interesting and if you are thinking about fostering don't hesitate to get your local shelter and inquire they are screaming out for people to foster small animals and it is such a rewarding thing to do now it is probably one of my favorite parts of the video and that is to announce the winner of our relax my cat t-shirt competition now I will just remind you of the rules to make sure that you know how you can get a chance to win your very own t-shirt need to make sure that you are subscribed to the channel and that you are a member of the notification squad by clicking the bell button there and that you comment on this video in the first 60 minutes that it is up if you follow these rules you are in with the chance of winning your very own

relax my cat t-shirt so let's go and see who has won this week now there are loads of brilliant comments but the winner this week is maeve chewers they are thanking us for the video and my cat loves to go outside and now worried about this getting here on the fourth of july so hopefully those tips will help you out now all you need to do is email us at relaxmycat@gmail. Com with your address and your size and we'll send your t-shirt over to you congratulations once again now if you did enjoy the video guys you know what to do give it a big thumbs up don't forget to subscribe and become a member of a notification squad that means that you will get a notification every time one of our box comes out or any of our new tracks or tv episodes thanks again for joining us this week I hope that you're enjoying your summer and ragsy and I well we'll see you next week bye

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