Mother Dog Reunited With Her Puppies All Grown Up

Bess is a once-in-a lifetime type of dog. It's been about ten months since all of the puppies were together with bess. She was picked up as a stray in tennessee, pregnant.

There were actually twelve puppies inside of her. We were incredibly excited to help. We ended up taking her to the emergency room.

One of the smallest puppies, burrdie, was blocking the birth canal. She was in the canal for two, three-plus hours, with limited oxygen. When she was first born, they were concerned about her.

She had a pink bow to indicate that we needed to keep a closer eye on her. If anybody was gonna be comprised, it was her. She was the smallest.

We really thought we were just gonna get through the birth, and that was gonna be the end of it. The doctors came out and told us that there was a chance that because there were so many puppies, they probably weren't all going to make it.

That just wasn't an option. We decided to bring all the puppies back to my house. I had to tell my husband we were gonna have to take out the living room furniture, the dining room furniture.

We just were 100 percent in. Quickly, we realized that we needed more people. We needed around-the-clock care. So " us" became anybody and everybody that we knew that we trusted could stay up in the middle of the night.

Morning, noon, and night, bess always had somebody there to help her and to monitor the puppies, so that everybody really was thriving. Burrdie got to have extra feedings. Oh, good girl! Starting to see her thrive, and become the same size as everybody, that was really profound for us.

Bess really connected to burrdie. There was just extra love. Bess was so patient, and so gentle with all of her babies. And she was like, a natural perfect mom. And even at times that she was just exhausted, she still cared about where they were, or if she heard them making a sound, she was very attentive to them.

We we jumped in and helped co-parent with her. Bess was getting in naps wherever she could. The puppies started playing. And they started being able to walk. Good boy! We just started to see all their personalities come out.

We introduced toys. We had thoughts of keeping them all at one point, I think. at least I did. Before any puppies were adopted, bess was -- was chosen first.

The first time I heard about bess, we fell in love with her right away, and knew immediately that this was our dog. Bess's personality is -- she is definitely like a nanny dog.

She's always checking on the kids. I do see a motherly instinct in her. The puppies were with us for at least eight weeks. It became clear that they were really ready to go on to their forever home.

It was a daunting task, to think, like, " how are we going to find 13 homes?" it ended up being all friends and family that adopted one of the puppies.

Today is the first time in a year that bess will be reuinited with all 12 of her puppies, at the same time. Burrdie! - hi, friends! Lovebug. Hi! It is amazing to see burrdie thriving now.

She is really, really doing so, so well. She had a special pink bow that they put on her to make sure that she got extra milk. And so that's why violet got her the extra pink little bow for today, to remember that.

And all of these dogs, they're all doing so well. We have ginny. ginny kind of chose us. This is gracie grace. This is ruby. Osa, very sweet and incredibly smart.

Louis, who feels like everybody is his best friend. Drake. One easygoing guy. Rupert. He seems to really like snacks. Ranger, one of the biggest puppies of the litter. Seven.

She's a-- a great family dog. Ruby. So photogenic. Sandy, a beautiful, beautiful soul. Say hi? Say hi. - I know, this is like-- uh-huh. You always wonder if these dogs recognize.

And -- clearly they do. It's really sweet. Hey, look, it's sandy! All right, you guys. i think bess is maybe five minutes away. Bess is coming to see you for your birthday.

Beautiful. Good girl. Yay! Oh, bessie! all right, you guys! any moment, bess is coming out. Bess appeared, look out, and saw all of her puppies. Yay! Yay! Bess! And she didn't know where to go first.

The puppies couldn't stop themselves, and bess couldn't stop herself. And she leaps up, almost leaping into the group of puppies just to say hello to everybody.

your puppies are all here! Mom! - yay! And you could just see joy. ♫ Hey, burrdie girl. Hi! Good dogs. ♫ That's a happy dog! good girls.

It was amazing seeing bess and burrdie reunited again. Happy birthday, bess babies! Ready? Go! Yay! I felt that the dogs all came out and had a blast. There was excitement.

There was sometimes, like, sibling jealousy. Seeing burrdie, and seeing that little pink collar around her, and remembering what that collar did used to represent, it really -- it did -- it did touch my heart.

It's nice to feel like, that this birth is actually creating community around it. It was a very successful reunion. My hope is that we get to have this every year, and that this goes on for years and years and years and years to come..

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