Oh that's some type of weird well that's going to be deer meat for dinner jack yes exclusive come on guys guys what's going on we're out here greg the pond guy freaking back

here in the bach he just led us in this gate he told us to come out here in the mill the woods we got blake's exotic animal ranch guys we're all fishing was supposed to

come with us but he said he was too scared I don't know what's going hyper real guys what the heck is that are those cows dude wait they're center-left I hear some so

i'm till left let me get the headlight oh good enough was this a power plant guys i'm oh my god look at the size of that one look at the size of that this bunch there's a

bunch of cows of it oh my god guys I think the power plant is making these cows bigger maggie's been saying like this is a spooky place i'm not really sure we all were

supposed to meet like this awesome dude another youtuber thousand acres in the middle of nowhere 3,000 acres i'll hit that cow patty rosie can pet him bro try to pet him there's

no fear though there's no fear you swear to god it's far it's 3,000 acres it's 3,000 I can't you let okay 4x4 hi guys we're ready for this bro bro we're going mudding

right now dude I can't see anything else the cows are behind us guys so we got plague over here if I die blake's gonna go on live and we also have the pong guys we got a a lot of

eyes on us right now oh my god look at that pothole dude we gotta keep our eyes on the road i'm gonna stop recording for a second until we get like somewhere we can see some big

dude what is that what is that dude what does that say hold on a second what is that safely in in in what dude what's the left whoa just nothing but dark I can't see

anything to hold on it let's see let's see if the truck you can light right in the way it's literally like nothing but nothing dude this is like old florida so this is three

thousand acres seriously isn't it it's literally three thousand acres of just a panther bro you got your window down oh you hear that you hear that oh my well that's gonna be

a pit bull let's get out of here let's get out of here bro guys we've been driving forever now like seriously oh wait wait you see that whoa I see some light dude I see

some light finally guys were approaching some some light finally finally we're about all there's people there's people is that him is that demand is it that's a pawn okay

now i'm now that spooked all that's david's matter that's a viral black dudes all youtubers around here dude what's go how'd you get over here oh look at this look at that precious

child he's smiling he must be dreaming guys i've been sophie cami but we're gonna use black tube a just a minute he's to meet the man the myth the legend tear meet for

dinner dude did you tell me tell me wait wait are these fresh did you kill something well they're freshers and they were fresh from last night yeah but really nice wild hog one of

the guys came out as we progress i've never had anything wild-caught ever in my life as far as hogs or b smell it oh my gosh guys this is ridiculous yeah it's a robbery

arrington guys this guy's an idol two very mini he has a million-plus subscribe he has more subscribers than I do I see you guys use checkout you started like eight

months ago yeah but because this guy is the og been on tv been on everything he's an idol for a lot of people including myself paul just walking by your ball we love you too

lakes on the side all right yeah we got to get black dude we got to get a lot of other stuff floridian youtubers out here we're all fishings obviously doing his own

thing with his little girl back home yeah we called you out bro yeah I want to show you guys really quick for the ladies out there what my man paul has on right now check it out

check it out check it out check it out check it out paul whether it was for the ladies yes exclusive right here in the back porch uh-huh guys I feel like i'm in like the back of

like like the whole filming in the whole set with my man oh my god deer meat for dinner this is obviously not yeah dude that's a nice double cut beautiful love potion I do yeah

his love that's wild hog guys because i'm like I can literally not even talk like I would have loved to keep these in the in the oven for about an hour and a half longer yeah

it would make them fall-off-the-bone tender yeah dude it smells like one share food with me hell yeah okay absolutely guys guys this is robert carrington deer meat for dinners and

I already took a bite but he does have a wife side no he said he's out there you know they say they okay guys have been waiting for this moment for a long time this is

insane guys this is wild-caught this is so much better than any any type process ever that like honestly I thought it was gonna be gamey now because i've had gamey stuff before

i've never had wild-caught hog before i've had like deer and stuff but this is the best best pork i've ever eaten in my entire life my whole initiative you guys zacks like

this crazy fun outgoing wild man I love to hunt and fish I love to catch clean and cook things I mean as you can see i'm not filming right now but it's whether i'm filming or

not this is the lies what I live what he does this is on a daily basis guys we're honestly I didn't plan on filming today I just like know what we're all hanging out let

him see that we're a unit down here in south florida having a good time you know he's doing it he's been doing this since he was that sighs look at that kid already oh my god

yeah oh my look at the size of that piece of meat though hashtag you know brothers people yeah honestly he just walked in there let's grab a burger I don't even know what to

tell you guys there's no way you're eating i'm eating all this dude i'm eating all this dave oh get a selfie in there get a selfie in there paul I don't know what these guys are

doing I hear what you doing dude back up yeah definitely have like one or two rear view cameras on this truck back that thing up whoa why are you hanging out of the sunroof

he's just hanging out the sunroof to show that he has a sunroof yo sharp sharp all right all right all right here's the pond the finished pond is right beside me guys but before we

show that to you i'm gonna show you this fish I really want to show you this pond is bad it is bad what what are you saying no touching the fish why what's wrong with you guys the

fish is dangerous okay okay okay you can see the pond when you show me the fish yeah i'm bigger than you guys ready all right show me the fish though showing the fish yeah

yeah i'm ready we're all ready because they want to see the palm not gonna show them the pond until I have fish to put in it guys so it's up to it's up to them this is gonna

be an early preview if they can get this early preview yeah yeah yeah let me help you out let me help go yeah I help it see it the old is this all faithful right here are you

doing transport so many monster fish dude so let's see it take this off the bed oh this truck is so new you haven't even put the liner thing in it oh my god okay yeah sure how big

is this fish I what 15 pounds I have no clue I think it's a dink I think you guys always catch stinks or nothing but things actually that is a really big one actually hold that

thing up really quick let's measure and stuff oh yeah he's pretty fast that's a that's a nice fish that thing's not bigger than shamu though not even close that's probably 21

inches and the god of measurements oh what are you doing you blown gibran but you thought that was going in like that's actually that look at the size of that thing that

thing is solid that's a solid fish dude that's probably a five pounder 21 inches wow that's a nice fish put on I got news for you guys that's not bigger than shamu that's not

even close yeah shamu is I think 23 yeah cuz the peacock bass is 22 all right bro so there's a peak of half the pond how do you feel you think that fish will feel good in there

yeah alright go ahead grab the fish what we're gonna do it guys you guys told us to keep the fish I mean some of you didn't but most of you guys did so we're gonna keep it we're

gonna keep this as a test fish i'm not sure how long we're gonna keep it we're gonna isolate it from shamu use this pawn is kind of like an isolation chamber it does have all

of that natural bacteria all this stuff that aquascape gave this pawn it's like it's a really weird system it's like really interesting really really high-tech but everything is

perfect let's go ahead and throw this fish in there go ahead so it's good who's grabbing it oh what's going on your pocket your pockets yelling bro all right all right look

at that oh that is a big fish dude alright we're gonna see how everyone feels about this thing yeah that's pretty darn big okay sebastian nice and slow take a little step back put

a little step back put it put that thing a little bit to the left to the left to the left so it doesn't run into the rocks immediately right now if it's me you'll do it in your

hair oh it's in my hand oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my I knew I saw some nasty stuff so that oh no oh no oh okay so come on that's a big that's not a mouth bro that's some type of weird

bitch yeah that looks actually pretty sick I want to show you guys the rest of the pond in a minute has a lot of twists turns and curves guys but we have a lot of other fish

to consider about this pond when zactly we're gonna put in here but we do have this bad boy in the pond right now coming here a second round yes guys oh oh are you going where

you going oh she's looking pretty happy the rest of this pond areal is still on greg witt sox channel aquascape guys link to see this entire pond bill is in the

description below on greg woodstock's channel we're gonna show the full pond as soon as I decide what fish were actually gonna put in this thing guys we have a lot to

think about in a lot to do guys thank you all for subscribing making all this happen a million subscribers is absolutely insane thanks for these two at joey slay

ofl bassmaster with the catch was that on a rattle trap rattle trap can you stop holding my hand kiddo just so you know oh how you feel mom

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