January 2019

15 september 2019 I arrived last night in gambia and stepped into the clinic 20 minutes ago and guess what I found actually I think most people figured it

out by animals in the skin of his dog of this tiny dog formerly known as mango worms little puppy i'm going to squeeze out all your manga verbs I haven't done

this for six months I have to see if I can still do it but I guess it's a little bit like riding a bicycie once you get the hang of it you don't lose

the concept maybe I should watch some old movies some old videos before to train a bit what to look out for maybe I should put on gloves did I wear gloves

in the old days interestingly in germany I am very in love doing part of my work because morning and evening I milk the cows very close because I realized it I

got so many cracks hands from from the rough rough work but I need to have some protective gear maybe the time in africa made me soft or make me go three-quarter

carrying I don't know something in between coppy is definitely trusting must be a shepherd mix or something oops that is important because if you have a

tiny animal that is already screaming the moment it's being touched usually means it has been abused if it has been kicked around dragged around things like

that you name it i'm very soon we are going to be at the point again where it's becoming a tool to hand job because lot of maggots are reluctant to come out

so filming and manga i'm squeezing ants at the same time talking some and things like that doesn't work out capital of the parasites in the world

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