How To Move A Leopard

Hi everyone we are attempting to move the black lipids again it's been a few days left them especially calling nikita just to settle down a bit we didn't feed on saturday weren't

interested in food so today's monday and we are starting early and we're hoping that the food is going to be the extra motivation to get firstly nikita nikita normally how much to say nikita

normally loads very very well so it's this whole cycle of her hormones playing havoc and she's not wanted to do anything including eat so let's see how goes hopefully today goes a lot

easier than the other day but it is what it is and these animals are wild animals and we cannot force them to do things that they don't want to do so the whole purpose of this exercise is

to allow them to load freely so that they can go to a new area and benefit from that obviously due to the different different smells and incites from that new area so that's part of

their enrichment it's not designed to stress them out so it is what it is if they don't want to load no problemo leave them for another week come back persist when they do wanna load you'll

see there just will jump in so hopefully today is that day that stay tuned for installment two on the black leopard mubarak's mmm-hmm somebody's yeah yeah somebody's ready to rock

somebody's ready to rock and roll yeah you know dance thought that yeah kylie you're gonna go to your new spot joyner go to a new spot hey curly new spot hey that's it yeah there we go eureka

smartypants yeah oh you can draw this coin because this is very intimidating fine yeah yeah nice he say look he's also intimidated about all the eyes on him yeah so it will be confident you'll

be more comfortable inside they laid him out well I thought that was him like yes well done call oh man I thought that that okay one more you got art mochi yes freely yeah a little bit

of a batch of there doc I just got slow yeah okay so nikita loaded hey wow what a difference a few days makes nikita's obviously as you can see she loads in and out piece of cake calls always been

a little bit skeptical but once he starts to get his confidence and he starts to realize it this is not gonna hurt him and that it's actually beneficial and again you can see even

old cole jumps in are we off to do canned corn let's hope there are a little bit more cooperative I think they should be gonna let them in other vehicle look the crafter and then yeah

within the enclosure oh new hyung hey connie gandhiji yeah kerry might have to lock corn in just to give duke more confidence yeah yeah we're not asked you just lit out con let out corn right

right I might be stuck yet ish you're in that kahn thinks it's his playground go to the costas has basically kangas okay i'm gonna close okay we'll see you down there all right so they're in

pretty well there's always one that's a little bit more nervous than the other corners confident full of beans full of laughs juke is the most fantastic animal you'll ever come across but he's

a little bit more skeptical of everyone's intentions for good reason and obviously the more that they do this the better hello my darling what you also want to move around you want

to move around too oh yes yes later not now this is about the leopards not you oh yes it's not about you acre anyway so yeah you've just gained it's a patience game and you know once you

realize that it was cool to go in the back of the van and he has been in the back of the span many times so it's just a matter of getting them to remember that there's nothing harmful

about this and I think when they see now that they've gone to a new area and then nothing bad happened the next time it's obviously it's easier so yeah all's all's well that ends well we're

just going to now offload nikita and cole into their new enclosure and yeah happy days good boy kali pd remember this place hmm and lock that call is off to explore the new area nikita is

full of confidence as usual she doesn't care she's not responding to the meat that cole as a male leopard should and would is heading off into the enclosure to see if there's anyone in here hello

do you like hey look who's your new neighbors hey gina she's also having I could sniff around so i'll leave them be it'll to duke and cons new enclosure and yeah we've done the leopards yay

don't ever jiki wants out ready okay you don't want your meat okay yeah yeah gone yeah carne yeah yeah where's dukie gotten he's going out okay that's fun jukes aria okay i'm gonna throw that

big voila okay guys I hope you enjoyed that video of the two-part installment of the leopard move better just goes to show you that it's not doesn't always go swimmingly smooth and sometimes

you're just going to be patient and you know look and listen to what the animals are trying to tell you and and in listen you know adhere turist and and walk away and try again another day

I think that's one thing i've learned over the years is that it's no point in actually forcing animals to do things to fit your schedule because in captivity they don't have a schedule

they don't really care about your time constraints so you need to work within theirs and this whole the whole purpose of doing this is to give them a better quality of laughs and so yeah hope you

enjoyed the video stay tuned for more if you subscribe to lion whisperer tv thanks a lot if not it's a free subscription and we try and post content on a weekly basis obviously

that's dependent on my schedule and whether i'm here in the country or not but gonna have a look follow us on instagram and on facebook at the handle line was pretty say we do try and make

the videos fun and and and you know exciting and I hope you are enjoying them so keep it up thanks of null and until next time thank a new home right

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