Treating our Dogs like Babies for 24 Hours!

Hey goddamn welcome back to peanut and black jacks youtube channel today we are both here because we are going to not only be their parents but we're gonna be treating them like a

baby for a day we're gonna treat these little guys like a baby for 24 hours so these two are basically like our children and so we thought you know what why not really treat them like

actual babies you know like practice yeah exactly so they're gonna get to do all the things that a normal baby would do okay so make sure to give the video a big paws up if you

like dogs and you treat your dog hi babies dog goes right there well the first thing these babies need to do is they need to eat oh right do you have any baby food no that's

why you're going to the store okay you want to take peanut i'll take you peanut obviously okay i'll do some baby things with blackjack okay I gotta get strapped up and it's time to

put on a dog babybjorn because the only way I can take him into a grocery store is it he's not a strap to your stomach exactly okay it's like a pregnancy bug oh my gosh okay

peanut peanuts not really a spy dog but he's a great baby dog into the babybjorn we're ready to strap on my buddy oh my gosh choice yeah I forgot how it goes I can't believe i'm going

in public like this I guess we're ready to go to the store get some dog food I mean baby food okay how does it look I scale of one to ten what would you give this let me know in

the comment section down below yeah yeah you know honestly this heights my dad bought a little bit that's like it's actually order the store pass out alright so we are at the

store right now yeah this is not what I thought but we are looking for some baby food i'll see the food okay I don't know what so while matt is at the store with peanut I thought

that blackjack would put on a little diaper you know because he doesn't like these but he actually has to wear them because he likes to sometimes pee inside huh at night when

his mom's asleep so um let's see we're gonna lay you like a little baby so we're just gonna go like this not he does not like this at all he looks really happy he loves the

diaper don't you he's so mad right now okay welcome round he's hiding oh I think I think I found it I think I found it okay p-nut you see anything you like okay maybe not oh you know

here we go here we go this is what three in these days which one do you want which one do you want today blackjack come here baby where you at where you at do you like to be a baby

for 24 hours blackjack blackjack do you know what else babies do should we sing you want me to sing to you like a baby do you want me to swaddle you so I decided that since

blackjack does not really like the diaper so i'm gonna just swaddle him like a baby and here do you guys remember cordelia cordelia I pranked people with looks like a real

baby and i've got blackjack my other baby here so i'm gonna borrow this little blanket you sweet potatoes you fancy a protein those these chicken brown rice boom so baby

blackjacks all swaddled he breaks his hands out but he's a baby today so let's sing a lullaby well the lie blackjack on the treetop when the wind blows a treat we'll start to

rock when it falls down you'll get it so fast and being a baby is truly your blast right you guys like that right I think I think blackjack needs it he needs a treat but um I don't

know do they make baby treats oh okay okay we'll get you a treat little baby so most babies are like spoon-fed and they're at the store getting food pinna and matt but

blackjack i'm gonna spoon feed you some peanut butter okay you're going to take a big bite little baby this is just like a baby sweet sweet baby blackjack okay peanut that's not normal

dogs are treated in the grocery store yeah yeah what's this guy's name this is gracie gracie princess gracie come here hi we see parents like my sister she goes okay here it is

the airplanes going into the mouth whoa you like being a baby don't you he's like I like peanut butter you good do we want to do one more what's another thing they go oh look

the trains going over the things that i'm definitely gonna say to my own kid one day i'm blackjack we'd have another one tj it's going so fast a flash of lightning it's a bird

it's a plane no it's super peanut butter that's all I got that's a bad that's it going right up here you made it goes freeze let's go feed blackjack for some asmr i'm back from the

store right now rebecca's over here putting clothes on block you or how did black tech do over time blackjack did really well he was swaddled but now he's moved on he's more of a

toddler baby and he needs some freedom whoo that's a good shirt blackjack blackjack you look good this is baby goals right here he wasn't a big fan of the diaper i'll say okay

peanut do you want to put on some shirts yeah want some baby food wait blackjack do you want some food lick your lips if you're hungry yeah you guys know that blackjack has a spy

hacker knows and he sees the baby food he came right in so he's ready two little babies peanut is gonna take off his shirt and put on no more batman peanut are you hungry you know

who loves putting on clothes here we go heather like making me so much he's like really dresses me cute by the way what's going on what is that she's two little babies okay

peanut dad wants to get you some food okay I think this is the one they're gonna like the best so this is chicken and brown rice oh my gosh okay who's ready for the first bite

okay your planes coming in blackjack over that's it thank you your planes come in I think we got some autograph it spins not working any one is more they're really brothers cuz

they share everything rather it's not twin they like this one baby food is actually a really cool thing for the hawks apparently i'm gonna do test how far out as by exactly did

this yeah gave him a little bit of a reward but he's really lean about oh your dogs love baby food I don't even know I never even thought bacchus yeah I don't think most people have

tried baby food for their dogs but this is a 24-hour challenge for us and they're just gonna eat like these and that do you think when we have a kid that what if we have twins matt this

is how it's gonna be here's give me two and one twin is obviously more food motivated the other one that's how my brother was he loved food he was definitely blackjack oh

don't I look pretty right now okay you guys so now it is the end of the night I have a face mask on I have these two things you want to go to pierre you want a belly rub you guys like

being babies huh you guys the end of the challenge I got a swaddle you up it's just the three of us tonight and so I thought I would swaddle them up in this blanket and put it on

my bed and then they can just sleep next to me you guys got to go to bed don't lick my face mess all right you guys and back includes us treating our dogs like baby for the day did

you guys like being babies let me know what your favorite thing was it must be my face mask is that your favorite thing and comment below what challenge you love peanut and

blackjack to do next make sure to subscribe turn on notifications pause him out google got ya well baby duckies boo goo gaga

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