We Rescued GIANT Fighting Chickens!

I'm excited about this rescue of these chickens because they're really cool breed that grows like three feet tall but they're getting used to our yard here

and they're like trying to figure out what that train sound is they were all freaked out and now they're trying to find where the water is and get themselves

oriented and stuff so this is a good option for protection in your yard and they're called leaves fighters and so they can protect your chickens and your

goats from different predators and things they are bred for fighting but these ones aren't going to be fighting chickens these are going to be chickens

that help protect the other chickens on our property all right go ahead and grab him he's gonna run and pick it okay hurry corner him you can do it rooster

now you don't get to have any fun rooster see it's those feathers we should probably clip on okay edward you are no longer a kitten gonna get stuck in that

fencing forgot to get doris her food oh boy you know yep eggbert is definitely a rooster so he's gonna start crowing here and then we're gonna have to rehome

him because we don't like to wake up us and our neighbors at 3: 00 a.M. With carly it's not good okay see you later doris all right the pigs are doing

good but i've read somewhere that they don't do that well reading wise until it gets cooler and so while we're at 115 degrees they're not feeling very

romantic they will when it gets blue it's chilly getting better withstanding no she's just doing that like being i'm gonna go so I don't know why but when you

squirt this tea like too much or too many times she like she's like up there I simply like fine with it she doesn't like pay attention to me wow like that

just like pulls it up I don't know why well it is your first year so maybe your second air she'll do a little bit better oh look at that oh my this wanted

stuff up saying that one thing that is so funny look at that oh my gosh maybe this is a boy for you to read up on how we can tell female for male all right

see you later tilly well she's just young she doesn't know the rules yet so when we find that when wills permit um we find out august 3rd well august 3rd is

actually a weekend stuff we're gonna find out like the fit it's when we can do the blood test so a couple more weeks are you excited to go back to school do

you want to be homeschooled so when our kids were little we sent them to elementary school and then about when ethan was in fourth grade and lydia was in

second grade I decided to home-school we were building our farm and it was like the perfect situation these are our chickens this one's name is bubbles this

is bubbles there was nothing get that stick right there okay guys great occupied yes so brought them home we homeschooled and then last year ethan went to

isis so so that was a fun experience so when lydia's high school-age maybe she'll decide to go keiran wow what's this it's fucking your way you should

try and go through there nope hey ducks wings do you think they can fly yet oh gosh i'm not sure I don't think so still pretty small hi eve another huge

really small yeah t-rex look at that yeah they're definitely not big enough for us to let go well they have to be eight week old i'm schooling was fun but there

are certain elements of high school that this my friends and girls hey lena have a good day make friends make good choices don't bully too much by e you'll

notice lots of foam on the top of the milk and in this milk strainer when we've been milking really fast we're trying to hurry so we're going to a movie

this morning with family so we were trying to hurry as fast as we can it's pretty crazy that the fighting chickens are the most friendly chickens on our

farm well I think yeah I think he's a rooster and I also think that one's a rooster because he's huge we're gonna have to get rid of those guys we'll sell

them to someone who likes roosters no people there's a lot of farm people around here who need protection oh yeah and these get big three feet tall so

they'll protect you from anything we could probably sell a breeding pair to somebody look how big his feet are the roosters thumbs wrong he's like

that's not ron confusing the chick of the pigs again you say another pigs not chickens so we have seven leashed fighters i'm not sure gonna keep all of them

I think we're gonna just raise them up here a little bit and then see if we can sell them to people who want to breed them it's pretty crazy how big they

get so it'll be kind of fun to watch them grow up and see how big they're actually gonna get be nice it's kind of odd but here in arizona we harvest our

apples in the middle of the summer now I kind of cheated because I bought this apple tree this year so I didn't really nurture it all the way but it's

nice to have something fruiting that we can eat right now instead of waiting for all of our fruit trees to actually get around to producing growing

fruit trees is a really cool thing because they can produce fruit for you for years and years and years but it also takes years and years to get

them going so every once in a while it's nice to buy a more mature tree instead of waiting around for those small ones to start producing this is a good

strategy this could work tops the baby goes from jumping in maybe we'll see but it catches the hay and then we give it to the pigs so even if they do poop

in there pigs don't care about the hoop but we'll run like jump up and pull it out let's see he's looking at it he's like he'll figure it out pigs I can

tell eggs are thinking about it I mean they're way more intelligent than jokes and any little sound you make he knows what's happening he's like you

do something over there you did it hey kevin look at what he did

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