In-depth look at the Sony XE93 4K HDR TV

Hi i'm governor mccarran from the tv group in sony europe and in this video we're going to have a closer look at the new bravia xe9 3 4k hdr premium tv so when we're looking at tvs designing

engineering new tvs there's three areas that we look at number one picture quality of course the most important number two the design and number three the user experience let's start and

have a closer look at the picture quality so with 4k hdr content being much more widely accessible these days from streaming services to 4k ultra hd blu-ray players and of course 4k hdr gaming on the

playstation 4 pro there's two elements that will really help make the most of your 4k hdr content first of all we've got the backlight local dimming backlight and secondly we've got the processor so the local

dimming backlight is really important to give a great sense of contrast in the picture difference between deep dark black tones and bright highlights now the xc90 3 introduces a new local

dimming backlight system with extended dynamic range pro called slim backlight drive plus now a conventional air gel été tv will only use a single row of leds normally positioned across the bottom

of the screen slim backlight drive plus though has four rows of leds got two rows of leds on the top and two rows of leds on the bottom now in combination with two light guide plates that means we can

guide the light very very accurately to where it's required on the screen and that gives much more contrast boost in the light areas and we can dim down the leds in the dark areas actually with

the xe9 3 and slim backlight drive plus we've got 10 times the contrast and what you'd find on a conventional edge led tv secondly then the processor is also really important to get the most out

of your picture quality the 89 3 uses the 4k hdr processor x1 extreme now we introduced the x1 extreme on a flagship zd9 model in 2016 and it's 40% more powerful than the conventional x1 processor that

40% more power means that we get more accurate noise reduction more accurate detail enhancement better color and contrast upscaling and smoother color gradation in the picture as well all of

this benefiting your picture quality another feature in addition to slim backlight dr+ and our x1 extreme processor is triluminos display now triluminos display means the tv can display a wider range

of colors and tones within the picture and these technologies are not just really important to get the best out of 4k hdr content but they're also really really useful to take your standard contents your

standard on our own content and essentially of scalars to near 4k hdr content so no matter what you watch on the axi 93 it will be improved so that's the picture quality secondly let's look at the

design really important feature tv needs to look really good in your sitting room so let's have a look at a couple of the really nice design features on the axi 93 first of all the stand very

cleverly designed the cables actually run through the feet on either side so you don't get any cables dangling down distracting upon your watching your tv if you move around the back you've got this lovely

geometric pattern again everything is hidden away cables and inputs are all behind different panels looking to the side then you've got the lovely black and silver anodized aluminium

and actually that just makes the tv look even slimmer than it already is finally user experience the axi 9-3 is running android tv the ever-evolving smart tv platform currently running

version 6.0 our marshmallow there are a number of very cool features with android tv first of all we've got chromecast built-in so it's really simple to cast content from your smartphone or your

tablet straight in to the big screen secondly then we've got voice search really really useful if you want to find egg content all you have to do is ask the tv for it and it will return lots of results and

then thirdly we've got google play which is a great source of different apps streaming services in even games as well so all of your entertainment at pax thread into the tv so that's a closer look at the

new bravia xe9 3 it's available in a 55 inch under 65 inch and it's a great combination of stunning texture quality a fantastic design and a really great user experience for more

information on the axi 93r for any of the other models in the sony range please visit the website thanks very much

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