Automatic Rain Goggles

Hi, i'm william osman, otherwise known as the world's best cat mom. I'm here today with my friend, morgan ryan. Morgan: hello. W: expose your cat shirt. And tuck it in.

M: wait, do I tuck this in or do I tuck this in? W: shut up. Today, we're going to make glasses, that wipe themselves. Because it's raining. M: to bad it wasn't here to put the fire out.

W: the rain? M: *chuckles* yeah w: uh, we got to model some glasses. I was thinking, like, aviation goggles. The only cad we have access to right now is fusion 360 which no one here really know how to use.

So, we're going to limp through that right now. W: what do aviator goggles look like? M: you ever see those sweet old-school aviator goggles? They're like big square pieces and then they're both, like, put at an angle so, like, there's, like, two pieces of glass that are flat.

Give me a pencil. Jesus. F***. W: you can't swear! M: f*** w: oh, wow, that's really complicated. M: well, that's what they look like.

W: yeah, but how are we supposed to do two pieces of glass? I don't want to do that. They could be really terrible. M: oh, yeah! I thought that's what you produced, right? W: I have no idea how this software works.

W: aaagh! My first experience with fusion 360 and it didn't go so well. Noooo! We've decided just to print what we were able to make and then super-glue the rest of it together.

I'm going to take my hat off. At an angle, at an angle. W: nope, no. Come on, john, you can do it! You got it! Yeah! Yeah! Ohhh! W: morgan, what time is it? M: it's 3-d printing time.

W: what is that? What is that weird sound that we found and put in the video that's not as nearly as fun as laser time? W: yeeeah! It just went right across. W: everyone who thinks it's perfect, say aye.

W: aye! M: it's like 90. W: alright, get out. Get out! *Laughs* this is pod racing. Ooh! W: oh, no, we broke it! No, he totally tossed it on the table and broke them.

W: let's laser cut some lenses. What? W: so, i'm going to save it to the desktop. That's a respectful place. Let's just crowd that bad boy up with as many icons as physically possible.

What time is it? Mini laser time! What do you think are the changes of this working? Man: hundred percent! W: what? What is this? M: that definitely didn't cut through.

W: what do you think are the chances of this working? Man: hundred percent! Hundred percent! *Slowed down* hundred percent! M: that did not cut through.

W: oh, my god! M: I hate you. W: that was like an hour and forty minutes! You guys don't look very happy with me. W: I have some bad news.

The, uh, an accident happened. W: we have hot glue! While cameraman john and morgan are over trying to re-print the piece that I may have accidentally broken, i'm gonna just, glue the lenses in, because I don't need them.

I'm a strong, independent science man. Shhh. W: hey, morgan, what do you think? M: of what? W: the glasses. M: do I really have to look? w: I got the lenses in.

W: i'll drop them again if you don't say something nice. M: well, it works. W: okay, good. I was about two seconds, there, from throwing them on the ground.

So, what do we do next, guys? Who's idea was this? I think it was your idea. Okay, why do you guys always blame me? W: welcome back to another day, another disaster.

You're wearing a different shirt. M: do you want me to go home and get the other one? W: no. We are putting little wipers on our glasses.

Oh, and dave, thanks dave, he cut some little elastic straps. This is your job. You're going to glue those bad boys on. M: oh, do I get the pity tasks again? W: yeah.

So, my idea was we'll just super-glue that, no. We'll hot glue this here. So it will pivot on top or pivot on the bottom? It will be like that, as opposed to that.

I don't want to be a chicken. I don't want to be a duck. Chicken. Bock, bock. Quack, quack, quack. W: you got to do it. M: I don't want to do that.

W: this is part of the channel is I get to make my friends do humiliating things. M: there, are you happy? W: yes! Bravo! You gonna clap? No, do the.

There you go. What are we doing? M: you got a light? W: what's that? Oh, that's just trash. M: hey, there's a rubber w: oh, look I found some more trash. Oh, wow.

It's a big piece of trash. M: oh, yeah. M: do you hear that crunching? W: if it doesn't make that sound, you're doing something wrong. M: yeah w: aaaah, yeah. We gotta figure out, uh, how the wipers actually work.

Well, what are the wipers? After *announcement over speakers* m: shhh! After a little bit of coding, the glasses are done! We've got a water sensor and a wet paper towel to set it off.

And arduino nano and a servo motor. That's it! Oh, yeah! They're incredibly uncomfortable, so we got some window foam to help pad my face. What, are you embarrassed? We're screaming in the middle of lowe's like a bunch of lunatics? M: no, i'm hungry.

W: we sprayed a conformal coating on the board to protect it from water. A.K.A. Some polyurethane spray we found at lowe's. Now, let's do a sexy musical carwashing number.

Uuh. *Chuckles* okay, one second. Okay, turns out you needed three dollars. Oh, yeah! W: come on. Give me a hug! Chelsea: nope.

No! W: okay, well, that's the end of the video. If you've got any ideas for crappy inventions, leave it in the comments below. Come on, get back here! C: no! W: your turn, cameraman john!.

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