The Phone I Carried In 2008: What A Difference A Decade Makes

The world of ten years ago can sometimes feel impossibly recent even idyllic compared to what you've got today but like an old tv show that's mostly

held up well the illusion crumbles when technology comes into the picture i'm michael fisher and 10 years ago the phone housed in my holster was the htc mogul

this is the mr. Mobile retro review brought to you by adblock browser so this big ol meatball was more than just old it was in fact one of the last phones of its

kind behind the aspirational names the carriers and marketers gave it mogul titan this was the ppc 6800 an iteration on an idea that had been around a while in

an era when four out of five americans were still buying dumb phones this was a pocket pc and it lived up to its personal computer namesake for better or worse

donning my rose tinted glasses for a moment I still remember the smug satisfaction I got from loading full websites on this thing at a time when

commercials had convinced many that the only phone capable of such things had an apple logo and the contrarian in me appreciated how the mogul bucked the

minimalist trend that was just then taking hold in 2018 you're lucky to get a dedicated camera key on your phones in 2008 this thing had 19 hardware buttons on

its casing not counting the pop-out keyboard you turned on wi-fi with a switch there was a jog dial for blackberry converts a d-pad for dumb phone expats a

touchscreen for everyone else and a stylus to hit the tiny targets on it that display was resistive super scratch prone in less than three inches across but I

guess with double status leds who needs a screen right just like a pc of the time there was plenty of io mini usb trans flash and an ir port that today is almost

as rare as the removable battery I got to know that battery pretty well because I frequently had to swap it for a fresh one endurance was not great and since

there was no fast charging to speak of carrying a spare was wise considering the retail price of this thing at the time that was a big disappointment and for all

the capability of windows mobile it was effectively eight years old when this phone launched with parts of its codebase dating all the way back to windows ce ii in

1996 yeah it was powerful but its instability and a very sluggish interface made it hard for me to avoid the siren song of the iphone 3g launched in july of 2008

that phone is the one I left the mogul for and I was hardly alone by the end of 2009 microsoft had lost almost a third of its smartphone market share

while apples grew by 32% I ended up leaving the iphone pretty quickly but not so I could return to windows mobile by then palms webos google's android and

microsoft's own windows phone 7 series were so much more usable than the old windows mobile that returning just wasn't in the cards I do have fond

memories of the mogul its gps navigated me from virginia to boston to start my first career out of college it's big keyboard kept me in touch with the

friends I left behind and it's 2 megapixel camera documented the transition well as best it could but remember nostalgia is an unreliable narrator I was

active on howard forums at the time and here's what I had to say about the mogul shortly after leaving it in 2008 it could do everything but it could do nothing well

crash all the time and I had to soft reset it at least once a day to keep the damn thing working gps wouldn't get a fix os was ugly lagging prone to memory

leaks what a disaster of a phone man nothing like a first-hand account from past you slappy out of that santa mel haze huh so I don't mourn the mogul as I do

devices like the palm pre that died before their time and i'm really not sorry that the iphones debut hassen to the demise of windows mobile because it

made room for so many better things I don't much like ending on a cliche but this video seems to need it some things should indeed stay in the past things that also

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enjoyed this video and share your memories from your favourite or even your least favorite phone in the comments below until next time thanks for watching and

stay mobile my friends

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