(scary music) ian: " shut up!" anthony: " 'teddy bears and other toys kill more people than real bears'." anthony: " riiight." (upbeat music) (more upbeat music) anthony: " yesss." anthony: " hey." ian: " hey.

So, I finally got that clone machine working." (screams) anthony: " it's trying to kill me!" ian: " you've been reading those omg facts again, haven't you?" anthony: " they're true facts!" ian: " oh no! Ah, help! Help! The teddy bear's stabbing me, oh no!" ian: " oh, heh, well.

While you're playing with your little teddy bear, I got a hot girl to talk to! Her name is ashley. Heh." anthony: " is it your mom?" ian: " no! Hmph." ian: " no, I didn't pack any underwear! I'm only going to be here for a couple hours! Yeah, bye, ashley!" ian: " nice try, anthony!" tv: " to confuse your assailant, try a random word or phrase like, 'i have diarrhea'!" tv: " huh?" tv: " now you try!" tv: " I have diarrhea!" anthony: " I have diarrhea." tv: " again!" anthony: " I have diarrhea!" (scream of absolute terror.) Anthony: " okay, man, I get it.

You don't have to keep making fun of me!" (decapitatiiiooonnnn!) (Screams) anthony: " I have diarrhea!" anthony: " I have diar-" sensei: " silence!" (b**ch slap) sensei: " defeating the teddy bear is simple.

All you have to do is-ahhh!" sensei: " oh, nooo! Javelin! Damn you, teddy bear!" sensei: " listen. Tell my cats that I love them.

And that I miss them." anthony: " just tell me how to defeat the teddy bear!" sensei: " i'm so sorry. But my last dying words can only be 140 characters long! Yup, all up!" gta v cop: " get back! Stop right there, teddy bear! Oh god.

He's controlling my mind! No! Not down there! I make babies with that! Oww my wiener!" anthony: " get away from me!" (mysterious laughing) ian: " got you!" (all get up and start laughing) ian: " I get you with my clones every time!" anthony: " what about the teddy bear?" 'teddy bear': " midget clone!" gta v cop: " guys, I really shot my wiener off." to see the full self-defense video, starring kassemg, go to smosh.

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