A Royal Makeover

Either st the creed in dawn's today we are privileged to be present as a magistrate chooses inaudible absolutely the standard the standard fascinating there's a this one, babe hmm rubbish no matter no what do you think? No, no, no this is very popular one does like that yes, her majesty likes it.

All right, think we should tell us how did it know? Wasn't? Dog! One does like that yes, her majesty likes it.

Wonder? Come on come on there we go. Really nice. Art (?) Thank you (?) Thank you and say what we got in here must be something agh! Help us house holy cow look at that. I thought I was miles away the palace I can't believe it keep your powder dry son.

I gotta see this harry come on. Toby son. Just me hold it right here. Would you that's wonderful? Thank you very much terrific don't be so tight little pixels exam. Wow, so uh? Ooh! What are you doing here? What are you doing here? I just can't believe my luck, I just don't believe this out.

Excuse me you don't mind if I take a few pictures. Do you? Oh! Ah! You must be a footman what have you done today, sharone?.

Believe my luck here's a little something for you folks. Thank you very much. I'll see you later thank you, my royal subjects. You may approach me a yeah see to the grave okay? Yes thank you all right, walk.

They can I take a picture. Yo twinkie? Excuse me can I take a picture no, me. Thank you. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you me no take it nah! What? No, look I want my sar i'm the queen ya all right! No you're happy now? One does like that yes, her.

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