East of Eden, 29회,EP29, #02

Where's mike? Let me take your bag. I feel grateful. I feel grateful to see you're doing well. Can't you let me see your face? Why? Do you think it's not me but some dead spirit that came back instead? It's strange, that's why.

You avoided me whenever i was on a business trip in macao. You wouldn't see me once. Well, if it's only for mike to see then that's okay, I guess.

You've lost a lot of weight, kuk-ja. Hearing you call me by that name. Makes me feel like i'm jumping back in time. Weren't you happy with mike? I was. No, I am happy.

Don't expect for me to be unhappy. Mike. He loves me much more than lee dong-chul. Don't you know that? Oh, my daughter's finally home. It's been such a long time. But what happened to you? You're nothing but skin and bone.

Where did you leave your husband, by the way? He said he'll come 2 or 3 days later and told me to wait for him here. Is that right? I think he's going through a rough time.

What's going on? It's because of greed. He's a son of packer's 4th wife and yet dreams of becoming the successor. No wonder he's being an outcast.

No, he's just pretending like he's being an outcast. He's pretty smart, you know. You planted half of that ambition, dad. What do you think he is, a tree? Go on upstairs and get some rest.

I think you should go to a hospital tomorrow. Dong-chul, come to the bar. Yes, sir. I'll be right there. Okay.

Get some rest. How are your mother and your family doing? Are they doing well? Of course, they are. I missed your family.

Your mother, aunt jeong-ja, ki-sun, aunt ok-hee. Though it was for a short period of time it was the sweetest time i've ever had. There were times when I wanted to just run away like i've done in the past, and go to your house.

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