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Nick lazzarini: who's the favorite to win dance showdown on youtube? Rye rye shows us how she gets down. And lindsay lohan on glee? Really? This is just dance for april 6, 2012.

Hey guys, i'm nick lazzarini, season one winner of so you think you can dance? Here to take you through the ups and the downs in this week in the world of dance.

Dance showdown on youtube finally had its big premiere yesterday. And I still have " chocolate rain" man himself tay zonday's impromptu theme song stuck in my head.

Tay zonday: nick lazzarini: if you can't get enough showdown, get your fix with these extended behind-the-scenes videos. Glee finally returns with new episodes next tuesday, april 10, after what feels like a very long spring break.

Next week, white collar's matt bomer guest stars as blaine's older brother cooper. And they'll be singing one of my favorite songs, gotye's " somebody that i used to know".

And some even crazier glee guest star news, lindsay lohan is rumored to be playing herself on the show. This is the blatant stunt casting.

But it's working, because I will definitely be watching. Baltimore rapper rye rye's new video for " boom boom" is absolutely dance-packed.

In the video, rye rye is in a mortal kombat style series of dance battles. My favorite part of the video is where rye rye has to dance against herself.

Let's check in with missp to see what she liked about the video. Missp: this is my first time even hearing about or seeing rye rye. But after looking at her video, i will definitely be checking out more things from her.

I really enjoy her personality as well as her energy. I saw the video. And first of all, I want to say it was so colorful. I loved it.

I felt like I was a kid again. Really, really cute, really colorful. And I love the dancers in there. There was a bunch of dancing.

But I just thought the video itself was just really, really cute. It was very playful. It was very performance-based, and I like that.

Because usually now it's just people standing around looking at each other trying to be cute. But I love that this one was more fun.

My favorite part about it, i loved the chorus. It was very catchy. Boom, boom, boom, I want you in my room. I was like, yes! I loved it.

Nick lazzarini: we caught up with rye rye for an exclusive interview about her new music video and her love for dance. Rye rye: what's up? This is your girl rye rye straight from baltimore.

And I just released a new video called " boom boom". It's so next level. It's very futuristic. The song first samples the venga boys, which was a '90's hit.

We didn't want it to be directly nasty or anything, because it's saying you want somebody in your room. We wanted to play around with it. They gave it the video game vibe.

Basically, the concept is for me to beat every person in the video, and then I win in the end to get my guy. Some of the dancers I used were from new york, so they were already great dancers.

Everything that they were doing that was all of them. And there was a lot a freestyling going on. Me and my dancers, we collaborate together and work out stuff.

Great patterns in there, pictures, everything, the images. It's just very dope. You should check it out. Nick lazzarini: smash is still amazing, and ellis is still the worst. I can't believe i'm saying this, but I actually kind of feel bad for ivy.

I can almost forgive her for being such a broadway bully to karen this season. Check out luanlegacy's recap of this week's episode appropriately titled " hell on earth".

Newsies opened on broadway last week, and the production is so great that disney has decided to extend its limited run through august. Just dance has been keeping you guys up to date with everything newsies since its premiere at the paper mill playhouse, so you know we wouldn't have missed its big broadway opening night.

Andrew keenan-bolger: opening night was absolutely a night that I will never forget. I've never been so proud to be in a show and to be surrounded with such an incredible cast.

And the energy that was coming from the audience, it was impossible to not give that kind of energy back to them. One of the most memorable nights of my life.

Harvey fierstein: you gotta come see newsies on broadway. Get in there. It's so good. Nick lazzarini: we're in week three of dancing with the stars, and it's already starting to look like week 10.

Click here to check out my recap. Breaking news, the season two finale of dance moms aired this week, and it was filled with high octane, nonstop cray-cray. Right after dance moms, we had the series premiere of dance moms miami.

And after both of those, we had todrick hall giving us one of his always entertaining fyi recaps. If you missed the double dose of todrick this week, check him out here or here.

" titanic 3d" opened wednesday, and it has people everywhere saying, i'm the king of the world! This version of the film offers fans a chance to experience it like never before.

And I have to say, putting " titanic" in 3d has made a truly epic film epic-er. Here's a fun " titanic" tidbit. In the scene where kate winslet goes on pointe for her dance-off, it was actually dancer julia renee who stood in for the oscar winner.

I don't know why she didn't ask me, though. I could have done that part. Oh, leo. Eric hutchinson's video for " watching you watch him" danced its way onto youtube.

And it has some really infectious choreography by tracy phillips and dominic carbone. I appreciate when an artist who normally wouldn't incorporates dance into their video. It gives them a chance to open up to a broader audience.

Plus it gives some of my friends a job. That's it for this week's episode. Make sure to like and favorite this video, subscribe to danceon, and tune in next week for an all new episode with allison holker.

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