Z: Armoury

Good evening gentlemen and welcome to the call of duty zombies are made today is a good day bye because our weapon today is none other since the fossil ions magnificent mp 14 a fully

automatic submachine gun using valve on tool and so on limiting use is a cold war-era loaded typically with 32 9 by 19 millimeter parabellum around ziemba voce is a simplified version

of the mp 38 which in turn was a simplified version of the mp 36 developed by manufacturer irma burke contrary unpopular billable cmb photons not as widespread as may see

in general media and were issued primarily paratroopers and platoon and support models most other soldiers carried z kar 98k however after the battle of stalingrad

germany learn more of soviet tactics very calm was easily out gonca in urban combat as such the mp40 was in high demand but materials and labor were too expensive with ikana 8-k

also in production after 1943 the carver's replaced outruns by the mp40 and he knew mk44 later known as the sdg or perform a little sooner as if all would've taken a drastic turn the

mp40 is the only welded for veteran to return to black ops maps being found on both kino der toten and call of the dead involve maps cmv 14 is located two rooms down front starting

airness the 1000 words the fire rate is fairly low beings in lowest on its class also slowest in terms on your speed despite this it has the most ammo of all something guns by far

with a total of 192 excluding c-32 in z magazine to make up for the slower running speed stamina is a wise choice if no other perks are to your liking double time also brings a

much-needed fire rate increase also proving useful expending 5000 avoids was in fact punch up k you run to you see after bertha doubling in two aspects that of damage and magazine

size dawdle spaniel nation remains an 192 regardless the afterburner still has a higher arm accountants and most smgs zeca not choosy upgraded in case m for you no other changes to note

but a vibrant history and healthy statistics make italy dangerous wonder to be hopeful this concludes our session good luck

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