Shut up! Over the years, mario has starred in hundreds of games, even ones that don't make sense, like dr. Mario and mario teaches typing.

But there were dozens of far stupider mario games that never made it to store shelves. These are the rejected mario games I can't go to prom with peach looking like this can I claim yoshi as my dependent? I mean, he depends on me if I jump of his back he runs off a cliff and kills himself I guess that counts get outta here ya hear that yoshi? I can cla- wait wait wait! Yoshi come back yoshi! Where are you going? *Yoshi super mario world sound followed with for some reason an explosion* so, I heard you wanted some pipes cleaned eehhh.

; ) Wa hoo wa hoo wa hoo wa hoo wa hoo wa hoo okeey dowkey pipes all cleaaned somebody help! Who removed the ladder? I'm gonna drown out here! Somebody help! Ahh ha ha hah! Imma gonna a win ah! *Stuff and phone ringing* congratulations! You placed 1st at giving up on life! Aww ryghh! This game suck! Give it a to luigi! *Mario doing some interesting sounds* mario? Oh! Mmm.

I don't look a half bad! What can I do for today sweety registration? Can I have it please? Come on already! Come on! Next! Yes! I would like to register my kart? Registrations are in that line.

You know what? *Bleep* this! *Bleep* this stupid *bleep* game! *Game over* captions done by blackwhitetrainer23. I didn't do all the captions so if you are the person who did the others credit it here.

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