Habanero Hell Fire Hot Sauce by the BBQ Pit Boys

Welcome to barbecue pit boys calm today we're making up some hellfire hot sauce for independence day and it's real easy to do all right we've got some ribs going on there and a

big old chicken and i'm gonna show you how to make a great hot sauce for the holiday now to do this up you're gonna need 40 habaneros and here i've got some serrano's and a

couple jalapenos all right now you're gonna need some water and I need some olive oil you're gonna need some molasses for this you're gonna need some garlic here I have

some smoked paprika gonna need some white vinegar distilled vinegar you're gonna need your favorite hot sauce you're gonna need some lemon juice and you're gonna need some

salt all right let's get this started now we're gonna be roasting up these peppers so we gotta do first is we're gonna see them cut them open pull out the seeds now food

police are gonna be chiming in night now they're gonna say man you can't do this you got to be wearing gloves hey be careful man the heat out of these habaneros i'll hurt you

real good just don't rub your eyes or scratch your boys if you know what I mean now this takes a good bit of time like I said we're doing 40 habaneros here and a few other

chilies there get those seeds out of there because there's a lot of heat in those seeds bumi you've never had this hell fire hot cells before definitely gotta check this

out all right enough of that now these peppers have been seeded now what you want to do is you want to put them on a pan here because like I said we're gonna roast them up a

bit i'm gonna take some of that olive oil spread it on the bottom of the pan boil up these peppers a little bit too man you could smell the heat on this now put them on the

grill now we're gonna be doing some indirect grilling here we're gonna be heating these up slowly or take about 20 minutes maybe 25 minutes at about 300 degrees fahrenheit

here i'm putting on ten cloves of garlic you like the garlic you could add a little bit more but this is just about right for this fire sauce oh yeah of course you want to

wash your hands a bit be hurt all right about 20 minutes 25 minutes has gone by roasting up just about perfect all right now we've got one of them blenders yeah we got them

at the pit about the only way to do up this sauce purify this stuff yeah king george gonna like this get them all in that blender alright now let's add the remaining

ingredients you're gonna need a cup of water you're gonna need a cup of distilled vinegar white vinegar with that in there you're gonna need some lemon juice about a

half a cup here i've got some molasses couple tablespoons here we have some smoked paprika when I get yourself a smoked paprika on this good layer of flavor there a little

bit of salt maybe a teaspoon or two teaspoons here we've got some pepper sauce the two tables now here we got one of them fancy blenders the lick that's purified either here

perfect now you want to put some aside who last a week or so in the refrigerator we're gonna use it for some mopping sauce and we'll use it for some table sauce now for the

holiday we just have to be making up some ribs we've got about four racks st. Louis-style ribs in there we'll use a little bit of mopping sauce now you might be

thinking this is too hot it really is the sauce goes good on sandwiches burgers eggs pasta rice anything you want a little bit of fire in this chicken smell they're his

smells good and through the miracle of time these ribs are done all about making ribs right you can check out one of our videos now we're gonna let this rack rest a little bit go

maybe a half hour 45 minutes you know all about that too which some women's royal army all the weight is all right through the miracle of time these ribs are ready man just

slice them up I betcha the brits now wish to ever gave up the colonies now as always we're gonna eat some of this right in front when it's time you're looking for a recipe

for your independence day you check out

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