Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - DANCE WITH SWAG! PrankvsPrank - EP 1

Lauren: i'm watching prank vs. Prank dance and he's really committed. He was very serious about this game. Which I like that, because that means he's probably going to be very serious about the competition.

Hi! What? Jesse: oh yeah, this happened. Lauren: no! Are you serious? At first, i'm thinking this is a joke, this is a joke. But then his face is so serious.

Jesse: it should be ok by friday though. She was like, wait, is it a prank? But then she wanted to act like maybe it is a prank, but maybe it's not.

If it's not, I don't want to be mean. So she didn't know how to take it. Lauren: oh my god! I'm so sorry. What happened? Jesse: we were in a club and i was trying to dance a little bit and I rolled my ankle.

Lauren: I started to second guess myself. And I don't want to be rude and offend him and not believe him. So I started freaking out, just a little bit. Are you serious? Jesse: we can do something with the-- lauren: you're serious? Jesse: yeah.

Lauren: oh my god, i'm so sorry! Jesse: it's a little swollen right now, you can probably see. But what shall we do? Lauren: we can always play-- jesse: all right, i'm joking.

I'm joking. Lauren: god, I knew it! Man! I totally told them, i was like I can't because i'm so gullible. And like, I want to not believe you, but then I don't want to-- jesse: I can her facial expression was priceless.

Lauren: oh no, this is not going to go well. I can't be pranked on! I'm too gullible! All right, so i'm thinking basketball.

Show me your moves like if you were going to have a basketball. Jesse: you'd go between the legs. Lauren: good. Jesse: you'd go around the back.

Lauren: like some cool dribbles, shoots. Jesse: the whole dance is basketballs? Lauren: not the whole dance. Like the beginning and end. Jesse: initially when lauren told me about the basketball part, I was kind of like um, i don't know if I really liked it that much.

I just felt like I really wanted to dance, I didn't want to play basketball. We need to stretch a little bit.

Lauren: ok, cool. Can he touch his toes? Jeana: no, he can't. Jesse: I can touch my toes. Jeana: you can? Jesse: what? Lauren: do it! Yes! Jeana: good job, I didn't know you could do that.

Jesse: I stretch every time before I work out. That one stretch move-- one mississippi, two mississippi. Bam! Lauren: very good.

Jesse: all right, do you mind if we get--? Jeana: yeah, I know. I've got to upload the vlog. Jesse: yeah. Jeana: the reason that i'm not dancing is because I don't really feel too comfortable dancing.

I never thought I was a good dancer. And especially to be solo, even though I would have a dance partner. But to be standing there alone by myself, I don't think i'd feel too comfortable.

Lauren: push. Kind of like you're pushing somebody out of the competition. Yep, push, push. Jesse: oh, sorry. Lauren: never again, you're fired.

I'm kidding, you're good. Can you do-- show me! Show me your moves. Jesse: no, no, i've never danced in front of a mirror before.

Lauren: in front of a mirror? Is it intimidating? Jesse: no, it's so much better. Lauren: you like it? Jesse: yeah. Lauren: yeah, because you know what you look like.

Jesse: why didn't i do this before? Dancing in front of a mirror is just great, because I can see what i'm doing right there. I can perfect my moves.

Lauren: we have these beautiful mirrors to see how we actually look. Jesse: I like it though. Lauren: ok. All right. Jesse's a little bit addicted to looking at himself in the mirror. It's funny.

He's really digging looking at himself dancing in the mirror, and I love that. Jesse: she said that? I didn't do that. That's messed up, lauren. I was not checking myself out, lauren.

I moved the mirrors closer because I kept hopping out and I need help. It was helping me. Checking myself out. Ok, i'm just-- all right, no, i'm just joking. When I was in germany, I had the new dance moves.

And I brought them to germany, and they were like what? To harlem state. You didn't see this yet? Get off me. Lauren: so you were cheating, but it worked? Jesse: yeah, I was up on the new stuff.

Lauren: hey, I like it. I like it. Jesse: all right, what's next? Lauren: you know slides? Like slides on the floor where you go-- jesse: like gliding? Lauren: whoa! Fancy! Jesse: I don't know how to do it though.

I know like one part. Lauren: that's good! That's really good. Jesse: that's all I know. Lauren: that's really good! Hey, I think that's better than me.

Jesse: really? Lauren: you're one up on me. All right. Jesse: i'd love to learn. Lauren: the student has become the teacher. Oh, my goodness. Jesse: I only have one. Like that's it, after that point i'm done.

Lauren: whoa. Teach me, I don't even know. Jesse: you just like push off with that foot and let this left foot slide. Lauren: schwing. Jesse: and then like that justin bieber thing he always does.

Lauren: schwing, schwing. I will work on it. Four, five, six, wind, swipe. Good. Stomp, stomp. Awesome, awesome. Three, four, five, six, wind, swipe.

Step it out, I forgot. Six, seven, eight, hold one, two, go three. Five, six, seven, eight, good, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Jesse: hold on.

Lauren: three, five, six, seven, swipe. Oh, no! Jesse: it's definitely starting to be a challenge, like with the numbering and stuff. So it's something i'm going to have to work on.

Lauren: five, six, wind up and swipe. A-town stomp, a-town stomp. Great! Jesse: killing it! Lauren: I like it. Jesse: we're killing it. Lauren: you like it? Woo! Ok, cool. Jesse: that felt good that time.

Because you know what i was messing up on? Six I got to get ready, seven, eight. Lauren: yes, yes, exactly. Jesse: because I was trying to do seven and do it all at once.

I like it though. Lauren: ok, all right. Jesse: peace on the street, son! That's my little outro. Peace on the street, son. I usually pop a little salute.

Lauren: son. Jesse: for the troops, son. But it's " saan" like s-a-a-a-n. are we done? Lauren: yeah, get your fake crutches and your fake brace, and get out of here. Jesse: I should go back out and go guys, I actually rolled it in there this time.

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